The Shadow of Malice

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The Shadow of Malice

The Shadow of Malice - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Eberron 4e
Ad Closes: Aug 31 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 2

DISCLAIMER: This is a gritty campaign. This will be dark fantasy with elements of horror. If you're looking for shiny heroes and happy endings, this is not the game for you. I also require at least a post per day commitment.

The Bazaar in Dura was riddled with people, but the crowd seemed to split as the black-clothed figure moved through it. Alchemical tattoos covered his albino scales and one blood red eye peered out from the cowl of his hood. A horrific scar covered the other half of his face, as if acid had burned it away. His serpentine mouth was crooked up in a grim smile. The black cloak swirled and whipped around the dragonborn's unnaturally thin body, as if aiding in the herding of the crowd.

In an instant, the dragonborn had turned down an alley and a palpable ease returned to the throng of people in the bazaar.

The dragonborn stopped halfway down the alley and looked around him. A filthy looking human vagrant, drunk and reeking of piss, began to stand to move towards the dragonborn, his hand outstretched for coin. Anger and disgust flashed in the single red eye of the lizard-man and a neon green glob of energy formed in his hand. The vagrant was flung backwards into the wall, the ball of acid burning a hole through the man's chest and into his lungs. Blood bubbled out of the vagrant's mouth as he slowly slumped to the floor. The stench of cooked entrails reached the nose of the dragonborn and he smiled.

Another cursory look at the alley convinced him it was empty, and he stooped to the floor. He muttered and hissed under his breath before pressing the palm of his clawed hand on a stone. It glowed briefly and opened, revealing a small piece of parchment inside.

The dragonborn's one red eye scanned the parchment quickly before he crumpled it and threw it in the still boiling mass in the center of the vagrant's chest.

In an instant the dragonborn was back out in the Bazaar, weaving his way through the crowd. A barely audible hiss escaped his jagged maw.




Greetings, reader. I am Amberdark, though some of you may know me as Quarterpound or QP. I have been weaving an adventure path and require two more souls to complete the ritua-... campaign. This gritty campaign will take you from level 1 to 30, as is the case with adventure paths. It will start in Brookshire, a small village in Aundair, and take the party across Khorvaire and the rest of Eberron. This campaign will have elements of horror in it (more on that later) and I expect my players to be dedicated and mature. Let's get into the details, shall we?



This campaign will take place in 4e Eberron. There are very few changes to the setting of Eberron, and the only semi-significant one can be found here.



The party is in need of a tank and a fifth player, likely a striker. The party make-up so far is a two-handed weapon fighter, a warlord, and a druid, played by Kate Monster, NARobles, and Skmarsh respectively.

As an applicant, please keep the following in mind:
For a horror campaign to be successful, a player must:
  1. Cooperate with me in setting the mood: A player who refuses to allow himself to be swept up in the game, and who will not portray his character as scared or shocked when the situation warrants, destroys the mood not only for himself but for the entire group.
  2. Accept that horrific events will happen to them: In a horror campaign, not every ending is a happy one. The PCs will, at times, encounter opponents too powerful and too terrible for them to defeat. They will not always be able to prevent their loved ones from suffering. They won't have as high a survival rate as characters in other campaigns. They should not expect every fight to be winnable and every plotline to end on a positive note.
  3. Create horror-appropriate characters: Horror works only when the characters have something to lose. A character with a rich background, goals and ambitions, and friends and family is a much better choice for a horror game than the stoic loner with no emotional attachments. If a character fears nothing, then nothing inspires fear, and while that might fit certain heroic archetypes, it doesn't encourage horror roleplaying.
  4. Avoid metagame thinking: A character in a horror game who thinks, "Dear gods, that creature utterly ignored my fireball! It cannot be a normal troll!" is fine. A player who grows irate at me for creating a flame-breathing troll is not. Fear is about surprises and the unknown. Trust me enough to accept that I have a reason for making changes. Furthermore, don't assume that I won't let a character die; this is a horror game, after all. The danger is real, and the players should treat it as such.
  5. Tell me if it's gone too far: This is a game. This is about having fun. If my idea of horror goes further than you're comfortable with, tell me so. Though don't say I didn't warn you. This also means that you have to trust me as a DM. I am not running a campaign to ruin your characters, but to give them life. Failure can drive a character to great heights or strengthen a plot, but repeated failures, due to an overbearing DM and impossible setting, just breed frustration. Again: This game is about fun.

Your characters are all born in Brookshire, a small village in Aundair. Information of the village can be found here. Notable NPCs can be found here. Every first day of spring, Therendor the First, Brookshire holds the Spring Fair. All the farms in the surrounding countryside travel to the village center for games, music, dancing, and contests. Your characters, are either returning to Brookshire a day before the event after years of being away, or have never left.

I expect a rich character from you, applicant. I don't just settle for a character sheet and some quick blurbs about some cliche background and a too-short description. I want depth. I want creativity. As such, here are the character creation rules:
Level: 1
Abilities: 22 pt. buy as outlined in the PHB.
Class: No D&D Essentials
Race: Published materials
Feats: One (1) bonus feat at character creation, as well as Improved Defenses and an Expertise feat (see house rules)
Backgrounds: +2 bonus to a skill related to background
Roleplaying Elements:
  1. Background: I want to know enough about your character's life from birth to the beginning of the campaign that I can draw adventure hooks from it. Who are their role-models? What's their family like? What was it like growing up in Brookshire? How has their life been outside of it? Obviously, characters must have spent most of their childhood, if not all of it, in Brookshire.
  2. Appearance: I want either a medium length description of your character or a short one with an image. Kudos to long descriptions with images!
  3. Vices: A list of vices (doesn't have to be long) that your character secretly or openly partakes in. Roleplaying equipment will be handed out according to your character's vices (to an extent).
  4. Virtues: A list of virtues. The same applies as vices.
  5. The day you left Brookshire: I would like an example post of the day your character left Brookshire. Saying goodbye (or not) to friends and family, what the day was like, what your character was thinking, etc.
  6. The day you arrived in Brookshire: The same as before, but the day you returned, as in the day of or before the Spring Festival, and start of the campaign.
  7. Questionnaire: I would like you, the applicant, to answer the following questions in two ways. First, as yourself, as the player, in terms of your character. Then, I would like for you to answer these questions as if you were the character, in first person.

Don't forget the house-rules, found here.

The Application

Please use private tags for your applications. Please add a link to your completed character sheet. Please ensure your applications are neat, spell-checked, and written with proper grammar. Please take care to follow the instructions from above and read the house rules and character creation rules carefully. If any of you have any questions, please post them here, or if you would like to contact me directly, you can find me on AIM at AmberdarkInc. Alternatively, you may send me a PM.



I will edit this section to include general questions that may apply to all applicants and any changes that may be made.

--No themes
--Essentials feats are allowed
--Please add your completed character sheets to your application posts

Here is a list of the applications I have received, whether completed or not:

The Snark:


The deadline for applications is August 31st at 11:59pm PST.

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Oooo this looks shiny... Just to clarify our background skill bonus is simply a +2 to a skill of our choosing and not by choosing something like a Scales of War background. While you aren't allowing e-classes are you allowing feats from Essentials sources? Lastly are you allowing Themes?

I need a full on defender for tanking and some kind of damage dealer. Perhaps some secondary healing abilities.

In essence, you are able to create your own backgrounds and associated skills, if you do not wish to choose one that's already been made. Feats from Essentials sources are fine. I am not allowing themes.

Awesome I love playing Defenders I will work one up now and submit an app sometime today.

Thanks for the quick reply Amberdark. Hmmm tough choices. Looks like the party could use something Divine or Arcane. Decisions, decisions...

One thing I have come across. I don't have an active DDI Sub, so I am using the old DDI Character Builder. Improved Defenses is not in there :P

phiktional, you can just house rule Paragon Defenses during Heroic and Robust Defenses during Paragon as a work around in your old CB.

Alrighty, thanks for the solution :P

Edit: I can't find those feats in the CB either.


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