Chapter 11: Sally Port

Alelip looks at the group and says, "Maybe we are, maybe we are."

He pauses for a second, gathering the group close, and says, "If we're going to do this, then we all have to be part of this. Who's in?"

"I'm in" answers Marin inmediatly "And who's not? We're a unit here, there was a reason the Lieutenant put us together"

Marin looks each of her teammates, daring each of them to join, like she used to do at Eisenberg, daring her brother and her firends to do some mischief

Rives shrugs. "I guess," he says, not sounding overly enthusiastic about the venture, but neither does he sound against it. Far fewer people in my squad than roaming about the keep, he thinks to himself. I suppose it could be a nice change of pace.

Leo, Rufus, Caedmon, and Ken all nod their agreement to Marin's sentiment, but Ken is the one to put words to it. "If there's secrets about, best we find them before the gnolls do. The others are going to know about it, though, if we go in from the tower." He glances around the room, noting that most of the other soldiers have already finished their breakfast and are moving out of the refectory toward their assigned tasks. "You said there's a way in from here, Marin?"

"Yes, Somewhere here in the floor, but I wouldn't recommend it. It seems to be some kind of air shift, or a tunnel to move weapons. There's a ladder up to halfway or so and after that a small aperture with some rungs to help climbing. We could try to find this entrance, but I don't know how easily we could climb down" replies Marin thinking aloud

"Anyway, why we should cover our tracks? We're in our rest shift and the Lieutenant didn't forbid us to go and If it's not forbidden it can be done" she comments smirking

Alelip thinks about it for a moment, then says, "My preference would be to not make a scene, if possible. The fewer people know about what we're up to, the better."

He turns to Marin and says, "I'll give you today to find the entrance in here, and if you can't find it today, we'll take the air shaft tomorrow. I want those tunnels explored and want to know that what's under us won't come up to bite us in the butt when we least expect it."

Hearing her orders, Marin salutes her superior with a smile. Seeing that the refactory is empty by now, she goes outside and stands in front of the tower where the known entrance is. Closing her eyes to remember and visualize the underground rooms she tries to backtrack ther paces to see if she can find where should be the entrance to the weaponery over ground.

After that, she goes inside the refactory again, trying her hardest to remember reference points and positions to see where would be the ladder and have a smaller search area.

Kenjiin (Ken) sat back against the cold stone wall and closed his eyes, allowing his thoughts to drift. At that moment he missed the river very much. It's settling, chaotic current. The tiny ebbs and flows that it made as it seemed to meander on for miles and miles. But more than that he missed his father. He never thought he would have such feelings as the two of them hadnt really gotten along all that well when they were together. How odd it is, however, when you miss those things that are most familiar to you.

Abandoning those thoughts, Kenjiin turned his attention to those around him. They were a good lot, and he had come to actually enjoy their company. Surprising for him as he had never really had a friend before. Never really had time.

Slowly, the lanky man arose much to the chagrin of aching joints and sore muscles. He was too young to feel this old! Wandering over to Alelip, Kenjiin offered a nod and smile that felt awkward, and he was certain they looked the same. "Hey boss man, anything I can do to help out while were killing time?"

Marin gets a curious look from Betsy in the refectory and from a couple of soldiers in the courtyard as she measures off the distances. It's difficult to precisely pinpoint the location, and even with Caedmon offering a couple of suggestions, none of the first ten or so guesses turns up a hit.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20

Alelip crooks his neck at Ken, thinks for a second, and says, "Go grab some torches or other lights for exploring."


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