Chapter 11: Sally Port

Rives curiously surveys the passageway. The irregular walls fascinate him, and he is thankful for his small size which allows him to have to duck and weave a little less than his more mature counterparts.

Alelip looks at the hole incredulously, as if asking the gods if they really expect him to squirm in there.

After a moment, he carefully looks down at towards the edge of the light, then asks Marin, "Which way does this lead, do you think?"

"Don't know, sir. I'm not familiar with this area. Although... maybe some kind of underground lake, given this kind of humidity" answers Marin starting wlaking again

Quietly, yet in these close quarters amplified to almost a normal speaking voice, Rives asks "Well, which way are we facing relative to the watch tower? Could this be leading to the falls?"

At the question, Marin stops to think for a moment, drawing some shapes in the air with her free hand .

"Yes, that is very probable, Rives"
she answers with a smile "Going under the falls would explain this air and also why the falls have no drain river, the water is just absorbed by the earth, but... that could mean that the stone is not strong enough if it allows this. We should be careful"

Alelip looks at the hole again for a moment, then says, "Well, we won't figure this out by standing here and talking about it. Leo, Cademon, you're out front, and everyone watch our step and be careful.

As if the tight confines of the passage were not enough, Marin's remarks regarding the strength of the stone nearly sent Kenjiin into a panic. For a moment he looked back at the portal up and the rope they had left behind. Would there be dishonor in simply leaving now? He thought there most certainly would but still the thought hung there like a specter. Eventually he was able to shake the thought from his mind and, massing the courage, pressed on down the narrow corridor hoping and praying that each step would not be his last.

"Next time can we explore something a bit larger?" He muttered mostly to himself. "Perhaps a coliseum or a canyon?"

Clearly Ken was talking to himself, but the stone echoed his voice as if he was speaking to them.

"it is not that bad, Ken. C'mon, I'll go with you" she says going to his side smiling, after passing her torch to Caedmon grumbling a bit about her spot at the front being taken "Just be careful of the ceiling"

"Aren't we right under the keep? If the stone can hold up the keep, it can surely bear our weight." Rives says, his voice echoing.

"No, we're going away from it" answers Marin at the back "And yes, the stone can bear us perfectly, I just worry... Leo, Caedmon and I are from Eisenberg, and there are not uncommon the stories about tunnels collapsing because of small pitch explosions or picking the wrong wall to mine, when the stone was not strong enough, but.. maybe you're right, maybe I'm worring too much"

As Marin walk with Ken, she keeps ears and eyes aware for any stragne echo that could come from before them.

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