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Dungeons and Aliens

Dungeons and Aliens - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

DM NOTE: For the first time in my MW DMing career, I am willing to take on a co-DM(s). But I am very very very picky about who I will let DM, so do not feel bad if I say no. To immediately filter requests: if I have never gamed with you, I will most likely say no.

Inspired by mishra's Doppelganger game

Those of you who have played in some of my other games know I prefer unorthodox, against-the-grain games. Games which do not limit a player to class and race. This game, more than any other, is a game after my own heart.

Welcome to Dungeons and Aliens. Hi, I'm Wippit Guud. You might remember me from such games as "Awakened: Animals which gains templates instead of class levels" and "Everybody is a Pixie" (although that latter was run on GitP way back when). Today I'd like to present to you THE game. This is the one I've always wanted to run. And again, I'd like to thank mishra for inspiring this game.

This will be an urban mostly-sandbox game drawing heavily from the World's Largest City supplement. The characters are going to be aliens from a world on the brink of extinction. They were sent to the world the game is set on as a way to try to keep the species alive (think Superman, but more than one baby). As such, you will all be playing a homebrew race called the Namrem.

You can find everything you need to know about Namrem here, but the quick summary:
- you all look identical
- you do not gain level, only HD
- you absorb the abilities of other creatures

Accepted players will be paired off into groups of two, and will start in a random place inside the city. What you do from that point on is up to you - this is, however, an urban campaign, so stay in the city (trust me, there's tons to do).

Expectations from the DM
- posting 1/day or better: the days I work, I sit on the internet taking tech support calls. I have lots of time if you want more time.
- less posting on weekends: weekends are always slow on the Weave. And truth be told, Saturday I tend to be laz as well.
- In-depth character development and story: role-play is always better than roll-play (although combat is a given, as that's how you guys level)

Expectations from the players
- a damned good DM
- a game that won't disappear

Character Creation
Post your application in a private thread here. Don't worry about spelling my name right, I can see all privates in my own game anyways.

Stuff your application needs:
Name - obviously

Personality - This is the big definer for your character, and it needs to be in depth and well thought out. Triply so since you have no background, and you all look exactly the same.

Goals - You're starting at 1 HD. I want to know what goals your character will have, and what you hope to have already done by 5 HD. Not only does this give me ideas to work with for your character, but it also gives me a bit of insight into your gaming style, and how unique you plan to have your character be.

Alignment - Im using an alternate alignment system for this. Rather than take a typical axis alignment, choose two clerical domains which define what your character is. Also make sure the two domains make sense - choosing Healing and Destruction won't work. You do not outright get anything for this, it's just your alignment. But it could parlay into bonuses for staying true to your choices (similar to nature/demeanor in White Wolf games)

Feel free to ask any questions here. Please note some of the Namrem stuff is a work-in-progress. Application deadline... oh... call it Sunday, Sept 4th, 10:59pm EDT.

Game Description:

ݲ‗■izing linguistic program... program synchronized.

Habitable world detected. Establishing orbit... established.

Beginning cryogenic data feed...

You are among the last of your race. Your progenitors have scattered what few of your people are left among the stars, in the hopes that total extinction will be avoided. This ship has made a journey across time and space, and is now in orbit above a viable world. It is the hope of the ruling council that you will integrate with the indigenous population, prosper, and eventually procreate and keep our species alive.

Genetic manipulation will give you the appearance of a native of this planet. For your own safety, and to prevent any unwanted curiosity into your home, all knowledge save for this message will be erased from your memory. Your own natural abilities will give you an advantage over the native life of this world - use it wisely.

End of line...

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I'd express interest...But I'm new here. So I apologise but I won't be putting my hand up for something this awesome til I've proved my posting.

Looks great though, I'm a huge fan of Mishra's doppleganger game too

Man... post huge ad, obviously forget something.

Please note the section in the Ad for Alignment if you've already read over it.

- 1d8 HD
- Poor saves progression
- +0.5 to each stat
- +1 to each skill
Do they gain any BAB? Also, is that "each skill" literally every skill? Or "each skill that we have selected"?

BAB is major ability. You'd need to absorb it from someone (should mention you get 1/2 BAB by default, oops)
And each skill is literally every skill. Your minds are a bit more advanced, and so you can learn skills much easier than other humanoids.

Ah, OK. Do these creatures have a [type]? Or are they just [Alien] or something new? Probably doesn't really matter I suppose.

For all intents and purposes, they're untyped.
You can actually absorb type if you want (which I thought I remembered, but forgot to post, it's on major now).

Although... I might make it minor... type doesn't get you all THAT much when you can't be construct or undead.

It does if it's Outsider or Dragon. When it's big, it's big.

Do you gain their subtypes when you devour absorb their type?

Also, interested.

If you can absorb the [Plant] type, it gets you some pretty nifty immunities and whatnot. Or [Elemental].

I'd say make some of the types (Giant, Monstrous Humanoid, Humanoid) be minor abilities, but other types (Elemental, Plant, Dragon) be major abilities.


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