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Wiki Resources

Wiki Resources

For those who use the wiki, I've created several templates for use with Pathfinder. They can be seen in use at this World Wiki page.
I've created templates for:
  • Magic Items
  • Settlements
  • Character Creation Guidelines
I tried to make the formatting as similiar as possible to the way they are on the Paizo site. I'm going to be working on some other templates, but wanted to share these. They might help others in setting up their wiki sites for games (and helps show you are serious about your game, I think).


ATTN arholly:

If you have any drive, please consider adding to the "system choices article" for pathfinder here

please mirror the template of this page

and in doing so list your resources as well as any other resources you can link in the resources section

In this fashion others may find your resource early on when being introduced to the pathfinder system.

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