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A little Help with a big project.

Originally Posted by Grimgordragon
So we have:
- Get an Agent
- Create it yourself and hope you are awesome enough so that your second run at it has money
Basically yes. I wouldn't worry about them changing it so much it no longer resembles your work though. If they had to do that they wouldn't be interested. It would be much easier to pick someone who pitched them something much closer to what they're looking for than taking something that involves so much work on the creative side.

The advice I received when I sent my book out is that no one is going to steal your idea. Agents aren't looking for a good idea. They're looking for the whole package. So if you think you've got a great concept, it's nothing unless you've written a good script.

Originally Posted by Grimgordragon
...there isn't a huge wealth of people who want to represent a unknown writer's series.
That's why you need to make it awesome. As I mentioned before, you need to make sure a few people who can give you honest feedback have read it and you've at least considered the changes they suggest before you send it out.

Originally Posted by Grimgordragon
I don't have that. So an agent is a fairly good idea but not one real way of getting one.
A foot in the door helps but it's still no guarantee. If you've written something good the chances are someone will pick it up. You just have to make sure a lot of people see it. Just keep trying.

Another thing to do is to get your foot in the door by writing for another series, one that someone else already started and may even be popular. This will get your name out there, especially if you prove to be a popular writer. Getting the job won't be easy, but it would be easier than pitching the show when you have no tv writing credentials.

You may have the first season of your show finished, but how long did it take? Could you write a second season in the time required if its picked up? This is something the networks would want to know before they allow you to do anything. Once you establish a name for yourself in the industry, it will be much easier to pitch your own show. Networks may not be willing to take a gamble on a full series by a complete unknown.

So, get a writing job first, preferably in the kind of show you want to do (sci-fi/fantasy), and impress the socks off everyone there. It might take a few years, but it'll probably take at least that long anyone. Just don't ask me how to get a writing job in television, 'cuz I don't have the faintest idea how.


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