Chapter 5g - A Town in Transition

Gewin eyes the man over a cup of milk she is holding between her hands wile supported by her elbows on the table. Her face does not change a bit, but somehow it seems she rolled her eyes. "If he wants to be a mayor and the people are ... with him, let him. As for me I wont go shopping to save his appearance."

A darkly beautiful woman accompanied by a large armored man entered the tavern, and despite being known and feared by many in the area, the woman took a seat at a shadowed corner the hulk in armor stood obediently at her side. Caressing the armor on the thing's arm one may over hear the woman refer to the thing as "Sister".

Motioning with her hand at the bar tender Judith watches in amusement as the man makes his way shakingly over to her.

I want something sweet love, and if it is not to my liking... well, let's just say that what I did outside the city is nothing compared to what I will do here.

Shortly after the woman, drink in hand, and apparently appeased looked over the tavern a bored look over her fine features.

Gerwin places down her drink. She was done with her morning meal and sitting there all by herself made her feel silly. She had watched the new arrival and the gloomy fellow escorting her. However she was not set to engage in conversation. Her husband certainly would do something like that, he was a chatty fellow, perhaps an attention seeker of some sort. His wife however although not having anything against a conversation, specially if it was a good one, wasn't one to go and meet strangers specially when it came to the kind that caught one's sight immediately.

She stands up. Giving the room one more look for any known faces. There had been quiet a group leaving with her husband last she parted from him. There had been a young looking fellow Lorem or something also a warrior of some sort named Tamrik. These she vaguely remembered from the forest, perhaps there were others around. Kashue a fellow with a curved sword ... Raen were two more names she recalled, but could not really
Chars belonging to Meinos Kaen, Chosenpath17, tsukoyomi & Woozywyvern respectively.
associate. Also that spooky gloomy vile looking fellow who had mocked her husband in his naive being, Garak. She was disappointed with her memory.
Not even a ten-day had passed since the group had parted the camp of the order, her husband had sought out for work. Whatever he saw in that initial letter at the inn, the order had sent out, was still a mystery to her, but there she was after her own adventure. Time was relative and it had seemed to stretch over the last two weeks. In the dark forest she had gone through it seemed to be near endless and only now, that she was safe in a city with other people, it seemed to run in a sane fashion again. There was always that dream she had ... Titans in a cave, perhaps Ara could tell her more about it, now that they had time to think of it. Now that they were not lost in a forest.

Gerwin strolled out the door.

Well, how about this Sister, Joachim thinks you are "Daddy", who my lovely Garak destroyed. Turning towards the paladin whom obviously did not remember her Judith's face is a mask of dark beauty, silken soft skin, if a bit pale, deep, full lips turned into a welcoming smile. Please mighty paladin who rode upon a flying steed, have a seat and join us.

Offering a wink to the man Judith's green eyes flash with a hunger. You do not remember me, do you? The name I go by is Judith, one time dupe of those who would try to sack this city, one time lover to Garak.

"Oh ..." Joachim was hit by the ambigous fact that this person was first of a bad image to sit by during his morning meal specially when it came to politics of this city, second a friend of the fiend he indulged for a unknown reason, perhaps simply because he had no proof against him and third seemed happy about it all. Perhaps she was somewhat mad or something his eyes go over her to determine how evil she really was, a habit of his it seemed. He himself had never properly interacted with her. In the battle he had not fought against her directly rather that Harrod fellow that seemed keen to use fire as his main weapon. Raz had taken care of her he believed, but wasn't entirely sure of. They had met afterwards somehow... but Gerwin had been lost in the forest and he had gotten the news from Ara afterwards, so that might have clouded his mind.

"Good for you Judith." Joachim says in comment to the dupe to sack the city and lover of Garak, it seemed somehow strange to see Garak in such kind of activity, Joachim could have sworn that the vile thing preferred men for some reason. Didn't Tamrik and he ... It didn't really matter what the vile nemesis of his did or not.

"So what have you been up to?" The paladin enquires.

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