Chapter 5g - A Town in Transition

plan on departing two bells? Is that some figure of speech?

Joachim's brow was raised. The story Garak was telling him did sound very fake, indeed Garak showing interest in such didn't seem like him at all. He did not completely
Sense Motive:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 12
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+3
Original Dice: 1d20+3
trust the assassin's words, but did not pursue further.

"Indeed, friends, harmony is the one thing we need right now," Gillaume replies. "And your request for more land is certainly a reasonable one. Not only would it help create a natural barrier against the sort of problems we have had recently, but would also build goodwill between our groups..."

"I see no harm in it, provided of course that you do not encroach on any farmland or the like, and do as you say to contain any folk or creatures that may reside in the forest. I certainly don't want any trolls or the like rampaging through my countryside!"
the mage exclaims.
"Consider the request granted, friend Kesendaran - and I hope this will benefit us both for a very long time..."

Taking a couple steps away from Kesendaran's huge lizard, Gillaume turns to Joachim, nodding politely at the Paladin's words.
"Aye, I'm sure you have plenty of business to take care of, as do I...the offer stands for as long as you're interested, unless of course I find some extreme paragon of strength and virtue to take the position. But barring that, you are always welcome in Saerb."
"I know full well of your bravery during the Battle, and your subsequent work to help restore order to the city. If you ever need my aid, or that of Saerb, consider it given..."
he adds, bowing humbly.

"And now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do," Gillaume concludes, motioning back to Saerb.
"My city awaits..."

With the Mayor of Saerb now departed, the conversation turns back to the group's future plans. Their work here in Saerb was seemingly complete, though some intrigue still remained in Saerloon. The Order of the Turning Sun, their erstwhile benefactors, would presumably wish to speak with them as well...

"Shall we go kill some wizards?" Joachim asks Garak as Gillaume was out of reach to listen in. Ignoring the lizard man, who as far as he was concerned could join in on whatever they were doing or go home to his forest and do whatever it was a man of the forest did all day long.

Kesendaran bows deeply to Gillaume's agreement, very pleased that the Mayor was so easy to convince. His elders would surely love to hear these words.

We be bringin' anothah emissary ta discuss terms wit' ya, Mayor. Dem exact places an' extension we be wantin'. Dem will be in da city da next few days. He bows again before Gillaume leaves.

Being left with the paladin and the shadow-walker, the shaman looks at both of them with curious eyes, delighting himself with the feelings that were flowing a while back. He surely is interested in Garak's way of living/personality. What would the spirits say about him? He would have to inquire.

I be goin' to Archwood ta report. Ye say ye be goin' south? Maybe we meet again. Maybe not. He leaves the question in the air, retreating to his mount and preparing to get on it in order to leave.

Garak nods at the suggestion of Joachim, curious as to why the paladin would so casually talk about ending another's life. There was a brief moment of excitement in the assassin's eye as thoughts of murder and death danced through his mind.

He then looked to Kesendaran. "We have a few things to wrap up in town before we head south. If you have interest, I'm sure we could use your talents." There was something about the shaman that told the tiefling that he would be useful. How exactly, Garak was not sure.

1) find all party members and let them know the next destination if they want to join or catch up later. 2) visit his friend at the temple to say bye. aww... 3) find ara and let her know the plan. 4) steal a horse
Garak's Saerb to do list

If I do be headin' da same way, I be findin' ya.

Kesendaran says while mounting. Taking a last good look at Garak, Joachim and his wife, he bids them farewell and turns his mount around, heading to the woods at a fast pace. Thoughts fly inside his mind, with regards to the shadowed one. That one intrigued him. Was it enough to make him follow the group?

Garak nodded and headed back into Saerb to conduct his final business in the town. Of particular interest to find was Ara. They needed to be sure the Order was aware of the information they had gathered in Saerb, including what Garak knew about Gillaume and the plans for the waterways of the area. Further, the Order needed to know of the group's plans to the south and any it was critical to their mission.

As recent events seem to have shown, the group's business in Saerb was, at least for the moment, more or less resolved. Their "discussion" with Sigphan had revealed important information about the Order's enemies and their activities in Saerloon, and the party had managed to anger a powerful group of Wizards, one whose actions and efforts seem to have been stymied by the group at every turn.
It seemed rather clear that, as per their original instructions from the Order to help resolve the situation in Saerloon, that the famed port city would be their next destination. They would not, however, be leaving Saerb at the mercy of its enemies, for it was now controlled and watched-over by the powerful mage Gillaume, an unusual fellow who had proven to be friendly to the group. If things went poorly in Saerloon, they could likely retreat back to the safety of Saerb, as it had become a sort of home-base for their operations in the area...

Kesendaran left the group at that moment, though his words suggested he would return shortly. After all, he did need to tell his people of the arrangement made with Gillaume and the city of Saerb, but the forest-dweller obviously sought for more excitement than his home had previously offered, and perhaps this meeting with the group would offer just that opportunity...

Back in town, Ara was made aware of the group's plans, and she too promised to rejoin them shortly. She still reported directly to the Order, and would thus need to talk with them about recent events in the city, but as she was their liaison with the party, the female sorceress would undoubtedly return, sooner rather than later...

I am working on getting a new chapter started, as well as figuring out XP for those left in the game. Please post in the OOC if you haven't already, as at the moment I'm aware of only MoreDread, Garak, and P4yne as still-active players.
Hopefully one or two of the others will return with us...

...but if not, I'll be opening up the advertisement again for another couple players, and perhaps discuss the Co-DM suggestion that was made earlier...

Any unresolved actions/issues can be taken care of in the Private threads


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