I would assume she does not know the fate of this Revven and Turvin then. They could be dead, moved out of the tower, or wererats by now. I wonder if the wererats are also responsible for the supposed murders. If there was no bodies left that leaves some unpleasant alternatives. If it was the rats then they could have been turned into wererats, with the blood being left from the initial attack. There is the possibility that the bodies where eaten, but I do not think that the rats would also eat the bones. Then there is the chance that we have a necromancer in town making undead from the townspeople, but since none of you have heard anything about undead being around then that one seems unlikely. The last thing I can think of is that it is just a murderer that likes to do things to the bodies, what those things are is best not to think about, Markis remarks, If we are going to be helping out the town the I would think the murders would be the most important thing to take care of but possibly the hardest since we do not know who or what the culprit is. With the wererats we know where they are and would just need to go wipe them out.

Turning to Daphne he asks, Now what was this about you getting followed? Did you get a good look at the person?

Arzag smiles, "Would give me a chance to try out my new shiny mace"

"Sure, I saw him, but I don't know who he is," Daphne says. "Big, black-haired, I'd know him if I saw him again."

Burin takes another small swallow of ale and and smiles. "Chopping rats? Sounds good." The taciturn fighter slaps a calloused hand against the haft of his gleaming greataxe.

"Not easy, but I got a silver dagger, which will help. It's supposed to slide right in to werecreatures, not like my rapier," Daphne says, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Markis looks around the table, So I take it everyone wants to deal with the wererats first? I know Daphne has one but does everyone else have a silver weapon?

"Got a hammer." Burin rumbles, hefting his trusty backup weapon. The battered old hammer he carried before has been replaced with a shiny new hammer, the gleam of silver shinning from it's head. "Just in case."

Arzag reaches over his shoulder and pats his new heavy mace, "Got one too"

Sounds like everyone is ready then, Markis says, I would suggest going and talking to the town guard to see if there is a reward for exterminating the rat infestation.

Near the end of Eastgate Way, where the road ends at the keep wall, the guard barracks jut into the West Hill neighborhood. Full time guards who are off duty are housed here as is the watch command. You arrive as the sun is setting and the night shift is just coming on. A grizzled dwarf in chain-mail sits at the desk, his war axe standing against the wall nearby.

When you enter he looks up with furrowed brows for a moment, then asks, "Yer thems that broke up the weres in the market the other day. S'matter now, someone sully yer ale?"

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