Makris speaks up, It appears that you have an infestation of those 'weres,' as you call them. Would there be by any chance a reward for cleaning out the rats?

"Reward?", the dwarf looks up irreverently. "Well if you want to sign up as a guard I guess I'd have yer, seeing as how you can handle yerselves. There's a wage that comes with that ... 2 silvers a tenday!"

"If yer asking for a bounty, then no, we can't be paying special coin ta oust every crook the fair draws."

Oh thats to bad, Markis says, We were considering vacating all the wererats from their tower but I guess this town wants them to stay their for some reason.

"It's not my decision, lad.", the captain says, undaunted. "The Baron his self has ordered the guard to increase patrols in Southspur. It's not like I have a budget to work with.

"If yer offering yer help, I'd gladly take it. Just be careful to not break any laws yerselves. That's all I need is more problems.

Markis thinks for a bit and then asks, Would it be possible to ask the Baron if he would offer a reward for clearing the wererats from the tower? If they are attacking his town then it would be costing him money.

Arzag hangs back, not entirely comfortable with asking for the reward but not wanting to show any conflict in the group to the town guards.

(Fast forwarding a bit here ...)
The dwarf chuckles a bit and wishes you luck with seeing the baron. He directs you to the gatehouse where they will show you the way to the baron's manor.

The keep sits on top of Silver Hill. Inside the walls are four estates forming a small neighborhood of their own. These are the Baron's estate and three others belonging to the town's oldest hereditary nobility.

You are directed to the largest manor. A portcullis is raised at the entry in front of a pair of large wooden doors. Rapping on the knocker brings a young serving girl. She asks your business then invites you to wait inside on one of the balconies.

After about 15 minutes, Baron Euphemes II arrives surrounded by several clerks. He rapidly fires off instructions to them directing the town's business. You have a VERY brief conversation which ends with him directing you to seek Lieutenant Shella. She has been tasked with looking into the were-rat disturbance at the fair.

Your conversation is cut short when another clerk comes running in out of breath and reports another bloody scene has been discovered in Southspur. The Baron excuses himself quickly and rushes off to a separate room.

Arzag grunts, "Do we go see that Shella or take a look at Southspur?"

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