Initiative Order23 Daphne, 21 wererats, 20 Arzag, 18 wererat leader, dire rats, 3 Markis, 2 Burin

Round 6 cont
Markis begins chanting in an arcane tongue.
Begin casting sleep

Burin continues hacking at the hysterical leader, but the lycanthrope rolls aside just as he swings.

Characters in bold red are up

Daphne continues her rather pointless battle, keeping one of the wererats occupied.

Daphne attack:
Dice Roll:
1d20+10 1d4+2 3d6
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 27)
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 3)
d6 Results: 4, 4, 2 (Total = 10)

boar attack:
Dice Roll:
1d20+6 1d8+3
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 26)
d8 Results: 6 (Total = 9)

Seeing how hard it is for their weapons to hurt the wererat leader, Arzag, calls out, "Burin, keep that thing busy. I shall call down the power of Moradin on it!"

Then he takes a step to get away from the leader. Grabbing his holy symbol he calls out, "Fear the power of Moradin!"

Initiative Order23 Daphne, 21 wererats, 20 Arzag, 18 wererat leader, dire rats, 3 Markis, 2 Burin

Round 7
Daphne sees the wererat drop its guard and strikes quickly, plunging her rapier deep into it's shoulder. As she withdraws her weapon the wound seems to close itself some, but she has struck a solid blow!
wererat 1 takes 3 hp
The boar
crit check:
Dice Roll:
1d20+6 1d8+3
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 8)
d8 Results: 7 (Total = 10)
gashes into the lycanthrope's thigh while it reacts to Daphne's strike, but it seems to have no effect.
hit but not damage

The wererat side steps and
Dice Roll: 1d20+5 1d6+1
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 6 (Total = 7)
thrusts at the boar but it glances off its thick hide. The others continue to overturn carts.

Arzag steps back then calls for the bane of Moradin to
Will save:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 9)
overcome the
The leader doesn't have any actions until Round 10 so he can't flee. You probably want to target one of the others.
creature fighting Daphne.
wererat 1 is
A frightened creature flees from the source of its fear as best it can. If unable to flee, it may fight. A frightened creature takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. A frightened creature can use special abilities, including spells, to flee; indeed, the creature must use such means if they are the only way to escape.
Frightened is like shaken, except that the creature must flee if possible. Panicked is a more extreme state of fear.
frightened until Round
Dice Roll: 1d4+7z
d4 Results: 4 (Total = 11)

The lead wererat rolls in uncontrollable laughter.
no action

A rat
Dice Roll: 1d20+4 1d4
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 14)
d4 Results: 4
gnashes at Daphne while another lunges at
Dice Roll: 1d20+4 1d4
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 5)
d4 Results: 2

Characters in bold red are up

Seeing that Daphne is having some trouble and knowing that the leader is down for at least the immediate future, Burin turns to deal with the rat attacking Daphne, maneuvering so as to threaten as many foes as possible.

As Markis finishes up his chant magical energy invades the minds of several of the wererats trying to put them asleep.

Next the wizard pulls out a snakes tongue and a bit of honeycomb. After pressing them together he places them under his tongue and says, Insisto meus to order.

With the spell cast he invokes the spell by talking to the wererat attacking the boar, Your leader plans on betraying you. Before he can kill you you must kill him first. These others are not threat to you and will never be able to do more than scratch you.

Initiative Order23 Daphne, 21 wererats, 20 Arzag, 18 wererat leader, dire rats, 3 Markis, 2 Burin

Round 7 cont
Markis finishes his chant as an overpowering effect sweeps over the wererats:
DC 17 Will saves
Dice Roll: 1d20+4z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 15)
wererat 2 (15)
Dice Roll: 1d20+4z
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 24)
wererat 3 (24)
Dice Roll: 1d20+4z
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 19)
wererat 4 (19)

wererat 2 falls asleep and is
A helpless character is paralyzed, held, bound, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent's mercy. A helpless target is treated as having a Dexterity of 0 (-5 modifier). Melee attacks against a helpless target get a +4 bonus (equivalent to attacking a prone target). Ranged attacks gets no special bonus against helpless targets. Rogues can sneak attack helpless targets.
As a full-round action, an enemy can use a melee weapon to deliver a coup de grace to a helpless foe. An enemy can also use a bow or crossbow, provided he is adjacent to the target. The attacker automatically hits and scores a critical hit. (A rogue also gets her sneak attack damage bonus against a helpless foe when delivering a coup de grace.) If the defender survives, he must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt) or die.
Delivering a coup de grace provokes attacks of opportunity.
Creatures that are immune to critical hits do not take critical damage, nor do they need to make Fortitude saves to avoid being killed by a coup de grace.
helpless until round 12
The others are unaffected

Markis then speaks to the lycanthrope fighting Daphne. The creature
DC 19 will:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 18)
considers his words and seems to pause in thought!
Wererat 1 believes Markis. We'll let Burin decide if he wants to continue his attack here.

The boar, unfortunately, is enraged and continues to attack. Daphne, taking the opportunity of not being attacked, goes to coup de grace the sleeping wererat.

Burin notices the were pausing to think and holds off on attacking it.

Initiative Order23 Daphne, 21 wererats, 20 Arzag, 18 wererat leader, 3 Markis, 2 Burin

Round 7 cont
Burin slays the dire rat then holds his attack on the lycanthrope.
Burin kills rat 5

Round 8
Daphne can call the boar off. It will obey her commands for 10 minutes after summoning.

The wererat snarls toward the leader who is still roiling in laughter on the ground. It moves toward the leader then slays it where it lies!
wererat 1 kills wererat leader
With 6 chances it should be able to hit once.

Seeing the leader dead, the other lycanthropes scatter down side streets and alleys. The wererat who performed the final act shakes his head as he snaps out of Markis' influence. Realizing what he has done, he bares his fangs then dashes off down an alley like the others.
No AoOs but you can chase them if you like. They are double moving at 80' so unless anyone can beat that it turns into an exercise of their bluff / hide vs your spot checks.
Wererat 2 is still asleep so you can bind him and have a prisoner.

End of Combat - All PCs can post their intent

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