An Exceedingly Tall Man

Magnolia finally understood! The halfling was sober. There were certain people who needed alcohol to function. Winos and beggars were the primary folks whose mental athleticism was dependant on inebriation. Apparently, the halfling was a wino, or a beggar. It would explain the stockades. And the clothes for that matter. Everything came together in a neat little package.

"Ah, I see! Well, well played sir. You got me for a drink, and that's more than most get from me." Magnolia honestly couldn't remember the last time a beggar got him for something. Usually Magnolia was the one begging on a street corner. It was a good way for a poor student to earn some money. "Well, then Skapti, I am Magnolia. An all powerful wizard, some might say." He tried to look smart and sage-like when he said that last bit.

Magnolia looked over at the fop and said, "Dear friend, I just trying to find a common language with the halfling here. I finally found it when I gave him booze. Then he was clear as day. Apparently he doesn't own up to knowing other languages, yet."

The young man smiled "Not a problem. You are clearly more learned that I in the tongues of other races. Not surprising as you are a wizard." Holding out his hand to Magnolia, he replied, "A pleasure to meet you, Magnolia. You can call me Willem."

Looking over at the halfling, Willem added "And good to meet you, Skapti. You can call me Willem, too."

Missoi had sat in the shade of an awning, enjoying the bustle of the big city as he sipped at his root beer (another perk of the big city - exotic drinks) and watching the adventurers before him, some of whom would no doubt be his traveling companions soon. Well this should make for an interesting group, he thought to himself wryly. At least there seem to be some men of the woods among them - hopefully they'll be the ones I'll be traveling together. Although I could do without that halfling...

Deciding it'd be wise to begin introducing himself, Missoi stands, shouldering his pack, and makes his way towards a particularly rugged dwarf that he spies. Seems to be an interesting chap. As he approaches the dwarf, he nods a greeting. "Hail, friend dwarf. My name is Missoi." Nodding towards the town crier he adds, "Are you considering joining this voyage to the Stolen Lands?"

Itomo Baerford

A lithe and well dressed man leads a horse into the city square. Sighing he looks back at his mount and shrugs.
"We look to be late Ferber, you chose a fine time to throw a shoe." He looks around the market taking it all in looking for a Farrier. He spies the odd conglomeration of people around the stocks as well as the rugged dwarf and outgoing elf, not to mention several other peculiar people.

Still speaking to his horse. "Well then Meshawn seems to have been telling the truth the Swordlords seek to give a "kingdom" away. This bears more investigation.

Itomo leads his horse to a farrier leaving his companion to be re-shod then makes his way through the throngs towards the odd congregation around the stocks.

Itomo wears fine clothing (although not overly gaudy) and brandishes no obvious weapons or armor beyond a pair of knives tucked into his belt.

An Extremely Tall Chap

Seeing the finely dressed man approach, Magnolia asks quietly, "I don't suppose that's the noble you tried to kill, eh?" He doesn't directly ask it of Skapti, after all that might be rude. But given the present company, it's pretty obvious who he's talking to.

Magnolia smiles at the approaching human.


Looking up at the "extremely tall chap" Itomo rests his hands on his hips. "Oh I assure you sir, I am not of noble blood not by a long shot."

Then Itomo neals down squatting in front of the face of the tip-toed halfing to get a good look at him. Then he stands and crosses to a nearby alley picking up a small wooden box before returning to the stocks.
"Here this might make your, hopefully short, stay a bit more comfortable. Then looking around to make sure no guards are watching he slides the small box under the little wild-man's feet.

Standing again he turns again to the tall horned man, then the slick human, extending his hand in turn to each and introduces himself "I am Itomo Baerford.

In the distance the town criar can be heard again.
Here ye, Here ye!

The Swordlords or Restov seek promising adventurous type individuals to venture into the stolen lands to seek out and put an end to all bandit activity, a curse that for so long has plagued the borders of our dear city!

The promise of wealth, fame and fortune will befall all those that heed the call of the Swordlords, brave souls interested in taking up the task should seek audience at the town hall, come ye all that are able!

Itomo seems to perk up at the sound of the town criar, clearly interested in the proposition.

"Skapti break he leg. He leg not broken." Skapti grins at Itomo, and sighs when the box is placed under his feet. "Maybe not all you tall is so bad. Skapti glad to meet not so bad tallfolks I-romo Bayer-ford, Willem, and horny man."

Orc orc

The orc rolls his eyes at the halfling. How is he supposed to do this? This is an impossible job. Really. He scowls. They're already messing around with the local wildlife.
His fist clenches as he runs all the dangers through his mind. By god, he'll have to teach 'em early.
One heavy foot in front of the other, he approaches the imprisoned tiny little man, stopping beside the group of onlookers.
"You shouldn't be getting so damn close. The little blighter bit me earlier." He glares down at the barbarian, before pulling a hand from his pocket. Sure enough, tiny teeth marks pattern his forefinger. "I swear, if you're planning to go out in the woods, you should always keep your distance from the wild animals."


Itomo sizes up the half-orc who has approached and is fidgeting with his hand. "What's this then, the little fella is all locked up for biting your hand? That seems a bit barbaric, can't be the whole story. He seems to be a nice enough chap albeit in need of a nice restorative cleaning. I know of a place, not to far from here, where any man may find a nice warm bath, a comely lass, and a chilled glass. Itomo is clearly no bard.

Skapti bares his teeth at the greenling, doing his best to talk over Itomo, "YOU! Who you calling little! Come closer, Skapti not finish with you, you -- cleaning! You want to steal Skapti power?! No!

He points a hand at the half-orc, "He already try to give Skapti water." The emphasis on scorn. "All know that Kneereaver only take man's drink. Skapti bite hand off for insult of woman's drink. Not finish yet!"

Skapti settles his weight on the box, pushing his body up and his hands, which were apparently held only by the angle of his body, free. "Lass is good, not sure what you want cold glass for, but NOOOO WAAATEEER!" Roaring, he heaves on the stock around his head, which gives way with sharp cracking sounds.

His bare chest heaving from the exertion, a freed Skapti looks around and grins, "Where is place?"
Take 20, right?

We could probably make another Prelude thread at this inn, to give others more space to shine if they want! Would that be OK Magent?


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