Of Rogues and Scoundrels

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Of Rogues and Scoundrels

Guild of Thieves - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 31 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 6

~ Guild of Thieves ~
~ Of Rogues and Scoundrels ~

System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e
Setting: Forgotten Realms, the continent of Faerūn.
Year: 1378 DR
Fantasy / Power Level: High Fantasy / High Power

Location: Scardale, in the Dalelands.

Character Building:

Dice Roll or Point Buy: 6m5d6v2 or 36 Point Buy (Default to Point Buy if rolls are below 36 Point Buy)

Available Races:
  • Human (PHB (Regional, Calishan / Chondathan / Damaran / Illuskan / Mulan / Rashemi / Tethyrian and lesser ethnic groups in RoF), Mongrelfolk, Underfolk)
  • Half-Elf (PHB (Half-Eladrin), Half Drow [RoF])
  • Half-Orc (PHB Only)
  • Dwarf (PHB, Dream Dwarf, Lesser Duergar, Gold [RoF], Shield [RoF], Wild [RoF])
  • Elf (PHB (Eladrin), Lesser Drow, Gray, Wild (Green) [RoF / PHB], Wood [RoF / PHB], Moon (MOD: +2 CHA, -2 WIS) [RoF], Sun (MOD: +2 WIS, -2 DEX) [RoF])
  • Gnome (PHB, Lesser Svirfneblin, Forest Gnome, Whisper Gnome, Rock Gnome (MOD: +2 INT, -2 WIS) [RoF])
  • Halfling (Lightfoot (as PHB), Deep, Tallfellow, Ghostwise (MOD: -2 CHA, +2 STR) [RoF], Strongheart (as PHB))
  • Extaminaar [CoR], Krinth [CoR]
  • Spirit Folk (Mountain and River) [UE]
  • Deep Imaskari [Und]
  • Tasloi [SS]
  • Changeling, Shifter, Doppleganger Racial Progression (RoD)
  • Goblin (No Variants), Kobold (No Variants), Orc (No Variants), Hadozee, Kenku, Darfellan
  • Elan, Maenad, Xeph, Synad
  • Skarn, Duskling, Rilkan

Available Base Classes:

  • Barbarian (Ape, Serpent Totem, City Brawler)
  • Fighter (PHB, Survivalist, Thug [UA], Elusive Attack [PHB2], Counterattack [PHB2])
  • Monk (PHB, Chaos Monk, Martial Monk, Sidewinder Monk)
  • Paladin (Anarch, Enforcer)
  • Swashbuckler (CAdv, Shield of Blades)
  • Soulknife, Divine Mind, Psychic Warrior

  • Bard (PHB, Bardic Knack [PHB2])
  • Cleric (PHB, Benevolent, Cloistered Cleric)
  • Druid (Urban Druid, Wind Walker)
  • Dragon Shaman (Black, Brass, Copper, Red, White) [PHB2]

"Magic Users"
  • Sorcerer (PHB, Battle Sorcerer, Focus Caster)
  • Wizard (PHB, Filidh, Focus Caster, Abrupt Jaunt Conjurer, Glimpse Peril Diviner, Prescience Diviner, Social Proficiency Enchanter, Shadow Shaper Illusionist, Illusion Master Illusionist)
  • Beguiler [PHB2], Duskblade [PHB2], Hexblade, Spellthief
  • Warlock (CArc, Fiendish Flamewreath)
  • Lurk
  • Psion, Wilder, Ardent
  • Swordsage (ToB)
  • Shadowcaster (ToM)
  • Incarnate (MoI)

"Skill Monkeys"
  • Ranger (PHB, Non-Spellcasting Ranger, Urban Ranger, Distracting Attack)
  • Rogue (PHB, Disruptive Attack)
  • Scout (CAdv, Dungeon Specialist, Sniper)
  • Psychic Rogue

BIG Note: "Class" isn't necessarily job. Choose a 'role' first, then choose abilities to suit it. Feel free to adjust the title, concept, or backstory of the classes provided to fit your character, not the other way round.

Starting Level: 1
Starting GP: Max Per Character Class
Starting HP: Max for 1st Level, roll for successive levels.
Alignment: Does not exist. The one thing I insist upon is some devotion to the group, but beyond that, your morals are your own.
Traits: Maximum of 1.
Flaws: 1 is Required. Bonus Feat can come from any resource. No more than one flaw is permitted.
Other Bonuses: Player's Guide to Faerūn, as per the regional documentation on pages 6-31.

Notoriety System: Notoriety will be a specific property in this game that will track the group's (and individual's) notoriety, which will no doubt affect the pressure the group feels in their current place of crime. Higher notoriety will draw the attention of law enforcement, skilled bounty hunters, and the players will find that procuring assistance will come at an increasing cost. There will be several ways to decrease notoriety, including moving to a new city, or by setting people up to take the fall for them.


Character Description: Who are you? What do you look like? What things are noticeable about you?
Party Role: Are you a skill-monkey? An enforcer? A scout? A sneak?
Character Sheet: The more detail, the better.
Your Story: I don't expect a novel here. Why are you in this line of work? Give a quick setup, under 500 words or so.
Your Psychoses: What makes your character tick? Just a brief outline of the character's way of thinking.

Applications go HERE.
Die Rolls go HERE.

The Story:

You've found yourself a member of the Night Knives, a copycat guild named after the ill-fated guild of the same name from Sembia to the south. The guild is small, at the moment, and you're not much better than new recruits. Coin is sparse, you've got little support, but there are always jobs to be found. You've scored a few small victories, but you're all confident that your big scores are just around the corner.

Game Description:

You are a rogue, a scoundrel, a ne'er-do-well. You've fallen in with a group of bandits and folks of similar reputation. In the space of a couple of jobs here and there, you've come to find yourself trusting them, an unusual feeling to have in your line of work. As things start to heat up, you'll find yourself thrust even closer, depending on each other to stay wealthy, safe, and alive.

This game is intended to take a solid group of players, thrust them into the dark underbelly of Faerūn, and use a mixture of notoriety, infamy, and social climes to spur them on to action, either reckless or relatively 'safe'. This will be a game of survival and the search for the biggest score.

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been. ~Alan Alda

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Originally Posted by Aiden View Post
All: Due to some questions about availability of certain things, I'm going to slap a year on this game. Given that this game will be post-plague Scardale (when it was lawless at its finest), we'll be looking at 1378 DR as the beginning year.
Being somewhat unfamiliar with FRCS,
I also have many FR sourcebooks (not novels), but I find the website to be well-organized, and thus more convenient
I find the realmshelps website to be a fantastic resource. On the homepage it specifically calls out 1374 and prior as the relevant age. Could you maybe point me toward something that would explain what would have changed in Scardale after that?

Originally Posted by Aiden View Post
Zuriel: I would allow the Chameleon PrC from RoD. Keep in mind that the Chameleon can be either human or doppleganger, but since the Doppleganger is LA +4, I'll approve either the Changeling or the Doppleganger Racial Progression from RoD. You can choose if you want to stick with the lesser features of the Changeling, or go for the Doppleganger at the cost of some levels.
Fair enough. I was actually going to ask about the racial progression, but figured it would be too ambitious of me given the list of pre-approved races.

Originally, I had envisioned this character going straight from Doppleganger into the Chameleon PrC, with maybe a level or two of rogue if I used the LA version of the species.

I'll have to take another look with these options in mind. While I love the idea of playing him as a doppleganger, I also would like to play him as a proficient skillhound, maybe using some skill tricks and such. While doppleganger is quite nifty, I'm not certain that it would provide as much range as a character class.

Also, playing him as a human or changeling would probably making the going a bit easier. Eight levels of the progression only gives me 4HD, and puts off entry into Chameleon for two additional character levels.

I'm thinking a changeling rogue or beguiler would do nicely.

/thinking out loud

Naturax: Anytime!

Zuriel: I didn't know that 1374+ DR was the pre-approved age, but there wouldn't be something specific that had changed. The Scardale entry is rather detailed (or undetailed) in that it points out that much of the garrison was killed off in the plague, resulting in a largely lawless society.

I must admit that Im un familier with the realms setting but my app is nearly done so I hope it wont hinder me to much if I get chosen or the chances of being chosen...

Ok, just getting all my ducks in a row.

Incidentally, "lawless" happens to fit this character like a surgical glove donned in preparation for an indelible and unwelcomed intrusion.

Umezawa: Shouldn't be, assuming you have enough capability to understand the Regional Feats element (if you can't, or if I've been unclear, feel free to yell at me in the OOC thread I've created ). There are a bunch of resources for information on Foregotten Realms, since it's been around since about... oh... AD&D 1st Edition?

Zuriel: Sounds good to me. Tingly good. lol

Awesom with an O I just thought better to make sure, no point putting hours into creating a good story & character to find that because you dont know the setting to well your hindered when the time comes

I'm sorry but is this actually closing on October 30th in a month or the 30th of this month? It's just the end of October seems quite aways away.

Don't think of it as being "quite aways", instead think of it as giving you plenty of time to really make an awesome application.

Cursed Panda: One of the lovely things about being DM and in charge of the thread is I can adjust this as needed. If I see interest ebbing, or all active apps are complete or almost complete, I can change the date (with ample warning). Typically 4-6 weeks is a good range of time to throw out there for an application process, but each concept and season will give different results.

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