Part 1: Trouble at Oleg's


"Sounds good," Missoi responds to Jaared. "Fare thee well." At the priest's request, Missoi nods, "Of course, father." Watching as the two and those who are joining them ride off, Missoi can't help but wish that he was joining them on the hunt. Easy, Missoi - I'm sure that the next opportunity to test yourself in combat will come soon enough. These are the Stolen Lands - you're not exactly on vacation. With that thought, he turned and headed back inside to the trading post.

Skapti imbibes Itomo's alcohol, but is much too focused on his work for much casual conversation - no doubt the reason that the man ran off to the goddess so quickly. The sound of a knife scraping bone continues from Skapti's corner of the world for some while, now and then broken by a grunt of effort as a piece of bone is broken off and discarded.

Dog, meanwhile, has wandered off looking for pools of blood to lap up, and worrying at any stray body parts that Vortek might have missed.

Finally, Skapti stands up with a large grin on his face, and a grin in his hand. He holds up the skull, stripped of flesh, and looks into its empty eye sockets - "Ha! We teach dumb bandit good lesson! Now Skapti make sure you never forget!" He holds the skulls teeth up to his ear, "What? Haha! Skapti show you what boss is culpable of! Skapti do same to he as Vortek do to you!" Skapti is still chuckling to himself as he rounds the corner into the fort and spots Magnolia with a mug. Flipping the skull upside down, he reveals his true work: the brain case has been scraped and ripped open, leaving a hollow depression in the skull. "Ale!" He demands, "Drink to victory!"

Zarina Ka'thar

Striding briskly out of the guest quarters like a little spitfire, Zarina braces her hands on her hips once more, looking for her next patient. Spotting Magnolia and Skapti with cups in hand, she shakes her head, cringing slightly at the barbarian's choice for a cup. "I should have known that drinking is preferable to sending me the wounded, even though he is right there next to you." Paler now from the grisly sight of the upturned skull in the halfling's possession, she tries to quell the nausea threatening to overcome her. Focusing instead on the tall form of the paladin, she heads straight for him.

"Master Millmark, I understand you are hurt." Taking his much larger hands in hers, she wraps her cool fingers around them. She glances up at him apologetically, knowing how reticent the paladin was. "This will take but a moment." Closing her eyes and whispering a few words,
Cast CLW on Vortek.
Zarina's hands fill with heat as a breeze suddenly whips around them out of nowhere.

In but a few moments, the breeze is gone and her fingers cool once more, the flow of blood stemmed and the wound knitted nearly shut. Opening her eyes, she gently releases the paladin's hands. "I hope that will suffice for now. I can tend to your injuries further if you wish, if your wounds didn't heal all the way."

ActionsCast CLW on Vortek
Dice Roll: 1d8+1
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 5)
EDIT: Vortek should be up to 11/12hp now.

A Slightly Inebriated Magnolia

Magnolia looks aghast at Vortek. "My lord, you are wounded! I can't believe you endeavored to do so much work while hurt! After heroically saving our lives in that battle." He turns to Zarina and says, "Forgive me for not sending him to you to tend to his wounds, but you know how these soldiers of god are. They march and fight until they are nearly dead. If I had only known he was wounded, I would have tended to his wounds myself, though my skill is not nearly that of yours. Say, tell me about your wonderful healing talents?..."

Feint, dodge, redirect

Magnolia sits, half-empty (not half-full) cup in hand, and listens to the woman.

Zarina Ka'thar

"Some people have devotion, Magnolia," Zarina replies tiredly. "Itomo mentioned that he was digging a large grave. It's much better than the alternative - leaving them to rot here for Oleg and Svetlana to deal with themselves." She starts hesitantly rifling through the stack of gear, wondering if the leather armor was a worthwhile trade for her own padded armor. "And as far as talking about my healing, can we save it for a later time? Perhaps when you tell me the secret about your hair? You ran off before you could elaborate about the tree sap," she reminds him.


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Brunhilde Thundercry

Brunhilde marches along. Jarili's added healing earns him a nod. Jaared's admonitions earn him less than that. She's off to finish this, crossbow loaded and in hand, as it should be. And those who come with her come.

Taking a weary seat at the table Vortek looks around for some food and tries to ease everyone about his wound. Although he looks a bit pale he shrugs off their concern. Please, don't worry about me. Tis only a flesh wound.


After a short snooze Itomo wakes. Realizing, with a start that he has fallen asleep on Zarina's bed he quickly stands and gathers his tunic and armor hastily donning both. He leaves the confines of the guest house stepping out and shivering. He draws his cloak tight and puts his hood up to offer some protection from the bitter Calistril breeze. Speaking to Vortek "Any more of that frozen earth need to be moved?" If the fire pit is not roaring he will start a fire. Then he will help carry the remains to the pit the paladin has dug and help cover it. Finally returning to the fort and lowering himself onto a bench close to the fire. Before saying to whomever is there. "So where did the others run off to?

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