Part 1: Trouble at Oleg's


"Well said. If we wait to engage until after they've entered the compound, that should be enough to prevent any escape. Perhaps we place one or two individuals in the woods, just in case." Turning to Svetlana, he says , Of course, marm, that would require you to keep a gambling face until the bandits are in position for us to make our attack. Is that something you think you can do?" He smiles as he speaks, as if confident that she, in fact, can.

"Well the bandit woman that came the first time wore a bandana and enjoyed strutting her hatchets, the other one carrying a bow was gruff, foul mouthed and wearing mostly green, other than that I wouldn't know just foul smelling thugs" Responds Oleg.

Svetlana answers to Missoi "I... uhm think I can try" somewhat unsure of herself.

Zarina Ka'thar

Once inside, Zarina takes the time to slip away for a quick wash, grateful for the chance to rinse away the grime from their journey. Repeatedly scooping handfuls of tepid water to wash with gives the Varisian woman a chance to settle her nerves. Able to present a calmer facade once more, she emerges looking red-cheeked and freshly scrubbed. A quick scan of the utensils tells her that there isn't enough for all of them. Mindful of this fact, Zarina chooses a rounded piece of bread and hollows it out into a bowl deep enough to hold the thick stew. She takes a spoon, guiltily almost.

Hanging on to her bread bowl and finding a seat at the edge of one of the tables, she listens intently to the group as they plan for battle. Swallowing a mouthful of bread dipped in stew, she softly asks, "What of those...catapults? The ones in the watchtowers? Can they not be made usable?"

"Who knows... they're as old and run down as this fort, I doubt they work, no... I'm pretty sure they don't work, one of them was sprouting plants last time I checked" responds Oleg

The padre sits at the table, obviously enjoying the meal while he listens to the others. The chance to wash away the dirt and grime of their journey, combined with a real meal at a real table had restored his good nature. Finishing his second bowl of stew, Denayth puts his spoon down before speaking. "Perhaps two of our own could hide behind the gates, and close them once the fighting starts? That should almost guarantee they cannot escape."

Turning to look at Oleg and his wife, he smiles reassuringly at them. "You both have suffered more than most, and endured it better than anyone could expect. Your courage and bravery are an inspiration to us all. You no longer stand alone; we are here now, and will be for some time; I promise you that, as long as its within our power to prevent, we will not allow anything to happen. To either of you. I swear to Abadar." So saying he puts a hand to his holy symbol and bows his head to the couple, hoping they could tell his
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"That's a good idea, Denayth." Willem said, "That's something I could do. I'm a bit skilled in staying out of sight. Perhaps Itomo could take the other side of the gate?"

Oleg doesn't comment anything to the priest, just a gruff nod, even though Denayth's intentions seem true it now seems that even this far away from Restov Abadar's influence is trying to gain hold and influence. Something that Oleg doesn't seem to like, none one bit. [
Incluence decreased one step

Zarina Ka'thar

The Varisian looks slightly crestfallen at the knowledge the the catapults were near useless. She still looks around at her companions hopefully. Perhaps one of them might now how to tinker with such weaponry.

"I can hide behind the gates, Denayth,"
Zarina offers with much more courage in her voice than she actually feels. The stew isn't sitting too well amongst the butterflies fluttering about the oracle's belly. Smiling at Svetlana, she adds with more strength in her tone. "I'd probably not be much use up on the ramparts anyway. That way Mistress Svetlana here won't feel so alone if Missoi plans to have her to lure the bandits in."


"I can take the other side" Inwardly he notes that Willem and he seem to play the same roll, studded leather, rapier, shortbow.
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An Extremely Tall Chap named Magnolia

Magnolia says, from the back, "Sir, all this is a bunch of posturing. In fact, we're more than capable of defeating any force that attacks this trading post. We have magic, both the arcane mysteries of the universe, and the divine touch of the almighty gods. We have swords and boards a plenty, and strong-hearted souls who know how to use them. We have advancted technologies that almost appear like magic, guns and their powders. And we have a maniacal halfling who is probably a step away from killing a mule out of pure malicous glee. What more could you ask for?

Dice Roll: 1d20+12z
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 15)
Bluff (15) into good spirits.


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