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Gibberish Language Tags

To me it seems that the "Wookie" and "Klingon" texts were translated as the same thing.

Coup de grace is the same in French and English as are many things. Blitzkreig translates from german but is still valid English w/o translation.

Yeah, but that is one word. On tests, it seems that everything is being "translated" as the same in wookie and klingon, so something must be wrong...

I didn't look at the source so as it was labelled shyriiwook I didn't realise it was supposed to be klingon.

And yes, only one lang set seems to be getting used. Also, rlang tags seem to break quick edit save/refresh functionality, the save works but the editor remains open.

Seems that whitespace isn't being ignored as it probably should be. If Mike hasn't fixed it by then I'll take a look in the morning after I watch the Jap GP.

To those asking for elvish and draconic, I agree. Feel free to find appropriate text and send it to me.
Plugs is correct that whitespace was causing a problem, I have fixed it. He is also correct that it doesn't play well with ajax. No idea why.

Just a note. When you do Wookiee it uses klingon (I think) unless you spell wookiee wrong (wookie). Otherwise, the new tags are great!

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