Command and Control

Captain Micheal Wantanabe
Lt James Lockley

"Major," the captain interjects, "I suggest we have a security team in place at the gate before sending the M.A.L.P. through. Activating the gate may have attracted a whole lot of unwanted attention."

Findy MacLean

"I don't see what the rush is," Findy says over the radio to von Braun. "We can always dial again later, once we process the data. Still, I'll give it a try." She tries to leverage the MALP up again with the attached arms-- perhaps in all the ruckus with the lizard-thing and the giant bugs, it got shifted enough for it to work.

I'm okay with leaving it stuck sideways for now, unless you want to move things along, Mordae. I'll make that one your call. =)

The MALP obediently pushes with its various appendages, succeeding in getting most of the way righted. Unfortunately, one of the arms appears to have gotten stuck in the soft muck under the relatively green surface; instead of having a 90-degree rotated picture, the camera angle is now rotated a very unsettling 29 degrees.

Eileen stares at the MALP's camera feed, tilting her head so that the image is aligned with her field of view. A few seconds is all it takes to intensify her headache; craning her neck back to the normal position, she nods once to Wantanabe. "Be careful, but let's get a move on. I'd hate to lose any opportunity at this point. Try not to engage unless, you know, those bugs are actually hostile. I'm sure there will be plenty of other threats to spend bullets on."

Captain Micheal Wantanabe
Lt James Lockley

Wantanabe looks back at the Lieutenant and the Sergeant, "Secure the gate, and do a short recon of the area."

A simple nod was all of the reply they needed before going outside the tent and returning to the QRF tent.

[Major Thorsson]

Rubbing her temples, Eileen nods to Wantabe, then looks back to the screen, feeling her headache intensify once more. "But don't let them bite you either. The last thing we need is another Iratus bug situation," she points out.

Klaus cuts in with his usual brusque style carrying even more bite over the radio. "Fifteen unt thirty-noin, Eileen. I am as hopeful as Ms. MacLean zat ve vill get another chance to dial, but let us make ze most of each, ja?"

Findy MacLean

With nothing much else to do at the moment, Findy continues to monitor the data stream coming in, looking for anything significant. She also sends through a data burst on all frequencies of the sort that SETI was always trying-- surprisingly unsuccessfully, when you think about it-- to find. Prime number sequencing, basic maths, that sort of thing.

Eileen just stares at the radio with an expression that, if transmitted through the aether, would have a good chance of melting Klaus' face off.

Findy continues to see the strange, constructive interference that lags about three seconds behind any new pattern transmitted through the gate. She gives the computer a glare and orders it to conduct signal analysis on the feedback. To her surprise, the computer quickly identifies that the interference is her own signal, superimposed on itself with a delay of exactly three seconds. Even more surprising, it is in phase rather than reflected, and at the same amplitude as the transmission itself.

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