Command and Control

Captain Micheal Wantananbe
Lt James Lockley

The two army officers stand out of the way of the Doctor and his crew getting the MALP equipment ready. The whole CQ was moved to the far corner of the GP Large tent to make way for all of the wires, boxes, and equipment needed. Lockley was not happy about it, standing with his arms across his chest. The ranger Captain took it more in stride, standing between Lockley a Klause.

When the first of the air force security personal, selected for the away team, walked into the command tent, captain Wantanabe pointed them towards the connecting room that was used for the Quick Reaction Force.

( time to catch up with me before I start the meeting).

Findy MacLean

"Right then," Findy says, and punches a series of commands into the control console, firing up all the sensors on the MALP. "We're running and recording."

Klaus grins and balls his right hand into a fist, bringing it smashing down on the red button. "Zehr gut! Let's take zis show on ze road." There is a flash of light from the computer monitors, echoed by the actual light from the rings seeping through the tent flaps as the transport sequence occurs.

When the monitor returns to normal, the stark white has been replaced by verdant green. Tendrils of thick vines, cut by the action of the transport rings, dangle loose like so many ropes. The camera view slowly pans in a clockwise direction, giving a complete view of the jungle beyond. Squat cypress-like trees dominate the landscape, their many-forked branches holding up a solid canopy of creeping foliage that includes vines, moss, and leaves in nearly equal proportions. The tree roots penetrate the spongy ground in many places but do not appear to run deep, instead spreading out and wreathing with each other so as to give the forest floor a practically wooden appearance. There are also patches that appear to be algae-choked pools of water.

As the camera nears completion of its first pass, the sensors pick up strong traces of naquadah to the northwest of the MALP's position. While it was not immediately noticable from the visual sweep, the infrared sensors suggested the source was at a range of one hundred yards from the transport rings.

A moment after the MALP fires up, Major Thorsson enters the tent, pausing as she notes the activity and discreetly moving to where she can both view the activity, provide input as needed, but also remain out of the way of those working...

"Somebody should go to the rings and collect whatever vines swapped places with the MALP to conduct a bioanalysis," she speaks up after a moment, frowning as she studies the video monitor. "And Captain Wantananbe, a word when you have a moment."

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

"Mam," The captain nods in reply and walks back to the out side of the tent, motion her to lead the way.

The camp was still covered in snow, trails led to the various tents that were set up. the had become so packed down with traffic it became more of a mixture of snow, ice, and mud. The wind had stopped blowing and no new flakes were falling to replace the packed in snow. If it wasn't for the temperature it would be a nice winter day. Yet the captain watched the condensation from his breathing turn into puffs of white with each breath.

Hans ambles over to the Command and Control tent, wearing something on his head akin to what Indiana Jones would wear, and something that looks like a WW1 Bomber coat. As he walks in, he says, "I've yet to find a command center with no coffee."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop, seemingly late to the party moves towards the tent with the quickened pace of someone who tends to arrive early. He passes up Wantanabe who seems occupied at the moment, a brief nod has Bishop passing by quickly into the tent.

Catching a glimpse of Hans from the rear he gives the man a strange look before passing into the side room, and catches sight of Lt Lockley. He steps into line, at attention and gives a quick and tight salute.

"Sorry I'm late Sir," He doesn't offer an explanation and wouldn't unless asked or ordered to. He remains at attention.

The raised hood of her parka almost completely obscures her face as Sarah follows the narrow packed snow path on her way to the 'Henge when she hears the gossip. Something had just been ringed down. She turns form the 'Henge and heads towards the rings where she sees the pile of green vines writhing and twitching in the cold. She approaches the mass cautiously, a smile spreading across her face. They had ringed up to the gate area. FINALLY. She reaches out a gloved hand towards the vines, then thinks better of it and withdraws her hands. Did she just see the vines slither? Apprehensively she backs away from the rings and towards the Command tent, still warily eyeing the vines. It had ben her imagination, she was sure, or at least she wanted to be sure. She wasn't certain what troubled her more, writhing vines or slithering snakes.

Entering the tent she pushes the hood of her parka back, wisps of her red hair standing on end from the static. She removes her gloves as she walks over behind von Braun and Findy. Resting a hand on the back von Braun's chair she leans in to get a better look at the monitor, "So, I see you have ringed down Audrey I for us to play with. I hope she isn't too hungry."

Findy MacLean

"Keep in mind there's a .3 second delay between a command issued here and its receipt of teh signal," Findy says to von Braun, while she punches commands in for the MALP to trundle off in the direction of the naqaudah source-- presumably the gate. "Even bouncing off the Hammond, we're not going to get an instantaneous response." She looks away from the control panel at the mention of coffee. "Spend more time in the UK, then. Coffee's a vile drink; all civilized folk drink tea. I thought everyone knew that," she jests.

Friedrich takes a deep breath, and makes a show of rubbing his temples. "I can't tell which are worse, officers for their pretensions of culture, or the Jollies for their insistence on being the arbiters of the culture." His voice is level, and it's difficult to tell if he's serious or merely deadpanning. He pauses, and then adds, "Tropical regions grow coffee. I wonder if we can find the blessed bean through the gate. What needs to be done to get me either eating steak, drinking beer, hunting game, or drinking coffee?"


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