Command and Control

Sarah's smile fades to a concerned near frown. "Could it have unseated or bound the ring? Damaged or not, unless this ring doesn't need to rotate...." she trails off, leaving the distressing though unsaid.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

"Sir." Bishop nods quickly. It meant it was time for him to leave, unless some one called out to it meant he wasn't really needed here. So he quickly makes his way to the appointed tent, to meet up with 'his' fire team, besides he likely wouldn't be much help huddled around a blurry screen staring at the ass end of a stargate. It also meant until the meeting of the head honchos was finished he would be left in relative peace prepping the remnants of the teams gear.

"The water content of green wood is usually too high to burn well," Sarah comments, taking Freiderich's suggestion at face value. "Besides, the roots could be so entwined around the gate itself that it could keep it from rotating."

Turning to Findy she asks, "Do we have to physically send a team up there to hook up sensors, or does the MALP have enough gizmos on board to give dialing a go and see what happens?"

[Thorsson and Wantanabe]

"I do. And I appreciate it. I suppose appointing department heads, for lack of a better term, woul dbe a good idea - Captain Morgan for sciences, you'd be in charge of defensive and offensive operations..."

At this point she hers the excited comments from inside, and pauses, before taking a deep breath and stepping back into the tent to listen and watch quietly.

"C4 won't so much as scratch a Stargate," she says with a frown in von Braun's direction, when finally she speaks up. "A direct hit with an exploding Al'kesh is about the minimum it takes to cause damage."

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

The captain follows the Major back into the tent and catches up with what is going on, "If the area seems secure, we can go ahead and send the away team to figure out what is going on."

"Still waiting on a few more sensor readings, Captain Sarah says with a glance to von Braun and Findy before looking at Wantanabe. "Aside from all the greenery, all we have seen that is living is a six foot long, many-legged... dragon... that let the MALP be. I helped Bishop assemble some field medical kits, and he's now gone off to finalize some preparations."

Findy MacLean

Findy shakes her head negatively at the question asked of her. "Leaving aside that it took Colonel Carter and her team years to put together the first dialing computer for the Earth Gate, the MALP would have to physically connect with the gate. Don't the stones here have a dialing computer for this gate, though? I was under the impression we'd be able to dial from the 'Icehenge'. Still, the woods aren't too much of a problem, if the gate is seized up; we could make napalm with what we've salvaged from the Hammond and napalm will burn even wet, green, fuel. "

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

"Before we Napalm anything we need to take a really good look at the area. The last thing we need is to start a forest fire, and burn out some village because we did not check first.

Sarah shakes her head at Findy. "No, no, you misunderstood. I wasn't asking if the MALP could dial the gate - you are right that we have the holodialer down here. Klaus wants to get some senor readings when we first dial to see," she looks at the physicist oddly, not completely comfortable with his words in her mouth, "What power consumption is like and... bah... other relevant information about dialing a Stargate that I can't begin to comprehend. Do we need to send a team up there to set up things to get those readings or is the MALP capable of collecting that data for us?"

Sarah pauses for a moment, wrinkling her forehead as if in thought, then shakes her head ruefully. "Have we been too obsessed with the fact that we have the holodialer down here? If Icehenge is merely a giant Britannica, then the holodialer may just be a model, meant to consolidate all the information in one place, sort of like the hologlobe that we see." Turning to Wantanabe she adds, "We should check up north for a physical dialer."

"As for freeing the rings... if we can dial, even with the vines and trees... that will take care of most of our problems with minimal effort or resource expenditure. I know the use of C4 would be therapeutic," she grins broadly, "but if we blow the ring off the platform, even if it is not damaged, remounting it could be more than we can handle. Minimal effort, minimal waste, minimal collateral, maximal effect."

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