Ice Henge Observation Post

"It's not a Paradox if it's a hologram," Friedrich says to Klaus. He then reverts to Ancient, and addresses the hologram: "If time were relevant it would violate causality. If this were a pre-recording, you wouldn't be able to address my individual questions. So who, or what, are you that you are using Sarah's image and our language to further your cause?" By the time he has finished addressing the hologram, his hands are on his hips and he's leaning a little forward. Friedrich doesn't exactly look his usual carefree and jovial self, but he doesn't look exactly angry... yet.

Edited for more body language.

The adrenaline rush, the caffeine from the morning coffee, and the food from her meager breakfast has begun to wear off as Sarah finds herself trying to focus on the exchange occurring before her. She, no her hologram, was having an extended conversation with Friedrich... in Ancient. All together it made her head spin.

She began to feel a bit sick to her stomach and lightheaded and opted to head over to lean against the
I think J was the stone that was nearest the entry point?
nearest stone for support, taking a few awkward and unsteady steps before reaching out and bracing herself against the solid stone, exhaling with great relief that she made it without face planting again. She leans against the stone and closes her eyes, trying in vain to comprehend what exactly was going on around her. Finally she asks, "Does anyone know what they are talking about?"

OOC: This is totally a post adrenaline crash coupled with low blood sugar and caffeine withdraw. Feel free to assume the worst of holo-Sarah and the Henge, though.

Friedrich doesn't answer, instead focusing intently on Holo-Sarah. While he may be good with the language, it's not exactly something you use every day, and it requires his concentration to bring his mind fully to bear on the act of handling the ancient language.

With her eyes still closed and her head leaning back and resting on the stone, Sarah considers out loud, "Ok, so in order for this hologram to be here," she has trouble coming to grips with there somehow being a hologram of herself holding court here at the 'Henge, "It had to be placed here before now, so it is from the past. But its talking like it knows about what we haven't yet done, which means it is from the future. Is that what you meant by a paradox, Klaus?"

"Try this on for size: I really am Sarah Morgan, causality is a myth--or at least greatly exaggerated--and yes, the whole thing is a paradox but in a good way." The holograph sighs and looks from face to face. "Last time we had most of these kinks worked out before we got to the point of dialing. Do you at least have the right dialing sequence worked out, or are you just guessing?" She looks somewhat anxiously toward Eileen and Klaus.

"If she's really me," the real Sarah says uncomfortably, "then I must wind up spending way too much time around you and Friedrich," she comments to Klaus, "because I have no idea what she is talking about right now."

The hologram actually laughs at this comment. "No, mostly just Klaus. Friedrich can piss off." She turns a surprisingly devious grin on the Israeli linguist.

The real Sarah's jaw drops and her face turns a very bright and mortified shade of red. She unconsciously tries to back further into the stone behind her but fails miserably. She was starting to wonder if the present or the future was worse.

Friedrich looks to the real Sarah and quirks an eyebrow before saying, "Is there more good humor between us than I thought? Because future/past/present you certainly seems to think so." He waits a minute, then asks the hologram, "There aren't any good drinks that you're holding out from me, are there?"

Sarah looks at Friedrich completely befuddled. Sure he irritated her, and she was still rankled from his assertion this morning, but not enough to have been as blunt as her holographic self just was. "You must really have ticked her off at some point..."

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