Ice Henge Observation Post

"Or maybe that's just your way of flirting? I can be quite the endearing fellow, you know," Friedrich says with a broad grin.

"I do NOT flirt and THAT" she declares, pointing to her holographic self "is not flirting!" the real Sarah protests.

When Findy's message crackles over the radio the real Sarah's shoulders slump and she slides down the stone she was leaning against and sits in the snow. "Seriously... what else can go wrong today."

"Oh, come now. You're putting words in your own mouth!", he says with an even broader grin. He looks to the holo-Sarah and says in Ancient "You got just as flustered when I told you you were flirting with Klaus over dinner. You really need to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve." He still has a huge grin on his face, and is obviously enjoying the chaos of it all.

Sarah was cold, tired, and her confidence and composure had been shaken. She wearily cradles her head in her hands as she sits in the snow. There really wasn't anything left for her to say or do, other than to have her discomfort provide entertainment for Friedrich.

She slowly rises to her feet. "Never did get to boot up that computer," she mutters as she heads over to the small tent just outside of the stone ring. At least it was something useful that she could do, and hopefully she'd get some peace and nominal warmth in that tent.

The hologram watches her real self depart before turning to Friedrich. "I'll get over it, naturally, and then you'll get what's coming to you. As for the drinks, you'll have to talk to Klaus--or perhaps Findy, once she figures how to make infinite Scotch. And as for the gate, you should probably take care of Sparky before you try walking through a wormhole." She looks directly to Eileen and Klaus and adds, "This will probably make you angry, but you'll understand eventually. I can't provide as much help as you'd like without jeopardizing our way home, but there is a way to get more help. You just need to figure it out."

Eileen, who had been expecting an Ancient pulling one of the holo-tricks they were so fond of, blinks in surprise.
"You...oh, dear."

The Major puts a hand to her forehead once more, and sighs deeply.

"I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate temporal mechanics!"

The debate between Sarah and Sarah does seem to amuse her somewhat, though. And when Sarah-1 stomps off, she shakes her head - but then glares at Friedrich a bit. "Lay off her, alright?"

She then turns back to Sarah-2. "Alright, I'll hold my nose and play along, and let the eggheads deal with figuring out how to summon more help. Who didn't make it and what did we screw up?"

"Goswell, Jenkins, and Kincaid," the hologram replies. "Plus a number of other significant injuries. My advice to you, Major, is this: don't be in too much of a hurry to get off this rock, but there is a way. And you should really talk to Findy right about now. The only reason we tried to intervene here was to head off the known bad outcome, but God knows what other side effects it could create."

Klaus's mouth works up and down slowly, but he says nothing. His eyes look back and forth from the Henge, to Eileen, to the tent where Sarah is recovering.

Entering the tent, Sarah walks over to the generator and turns it on, anxiously awaiting the warmth that it will eventually provide. Then she walks over to the laptop sitting at the desk in the back corner of the desk and pushes the power button and takes a seat, watching as the very cold machine slowly comes to life.

"Damn PCs", she swears as it frustratingly slowly boots up. So tired, she thinks as she lays her arm out on the table and uses her outstretched arm as a pillow... Just until the machine boots up and she can connect to Findy's feed. She watches the progress of the computer as it slowly boots up, but before the computer is done, Sarah has passed out, asleep.

Friedrich looks to Sarah the Hologram and nods slowly. "Infinite scotch, 'ey? Now there's a worthy aspiration." He sighs and shrugs, and then says, "In the mean time, I suppose I better actually do linguistic-type things, 'ey? Klaus, if you're holding out any drinks on me, now's a good time to start handing them out." He looks again to the hologram, smiles, and then starts trying to examine this side of the portal, looking for any markings, languages, or the like. He pulls out his pen and pad, and starts taking notes as rapidly as his hand can move.

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

The Army Captain walks over to the Major, "With your permission, I will leave 2 of the Q.R.F. here and send the rest back into the shelter."

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