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Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

"It's the 10th circle, yes? I can't really give you any significance beyond that. It's a big round number, which is important in our lives, and it's also binary for 5, which is another important number. I could try to force significance to it, but I just don't think there is any."

Sarah flops down into a chair, deciding that sitting was probably more likely to keep her from stalking out of the tent than remaining on her feet.

"OK," she begins slowly. "I'll own up to the briefing us lowly nurses got was woefully inadequate, but there has got to be a whole lot more to this than some ancient doodles."

"Bear with me, since I haven't really be trained in any of this and feel free to correct me when I've got some of the details wrong, since this is just about as far from my cup of tea as you could get...but here is where I am coming from"

"Long ago in a galaxy far away there lived a race we now call the "Ancients." There was a big civil war with the Ori and they packed up and wound up settling on Earth. About 50,000 - about when we believe that humans evolved from chimps - a plague decimated the Ancients living on Earth and they hopped aboard their spaceship Atlantis and jetted on over to the Pegasus Galaxy where they lived happily for many millennia before having to flee the Wraith and gating back to Earth. Among that group were the likes of Merlin, Morgan, Arthur, and a host of other personalities that we think of in the tales of Camelot and of the round table."

"So," she continues, carefully calculating her argument, "we had a nice little Ancient enclave up on the British Isles. Anyone surprised by the number of people with the ATA gene who can trace their lineage back to the Isles? Would it shock anyone to know that the ATA project has found some very curious relationships among those who they have identified with the ATA gene?" Sarah shakes her head, realizing she has drifted off topic.

"Point is that about 2000 years ago, if we trust these legends, some rather prominent Ancients were living among the primitive residents of the Isles. What they were doing is anyone's guess... except we are starting to have a guess that it had to do with controlling time."

"Now, there is this star thing... Why is it a 5 pointed star and not a 6, 8, or 10 pointed figure - its not like we don't have the glyphs for it," she says gesturing to the sketch of the dialer. "Obviously there is something about the order of the pentagon and star, as well as the number of vertices. Dr. von Braun suggested that this figure is seen in many cultures, including on Gawain's shield. My only real familiarity with these pentagrams is all the Hollywood-demon-worshiping-horror-movie-hype. Not that I buy into demon summoning, but there is always a skein of truth in fiction and I'm really hoping that someone can assure me that this pentacle has meant more to other cultures than demon summoning before we go and start dialing and having things from the ninth circle of hell greet us. I draw the line at venomous hexapeds."

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

"A pentagram is often used in culture to symbolize different things. If we refer back to Arthurian times, we see it used by Gawain, as you said, to symbolize the virtues of knighthood. The Christians at the time would also wear one to symbolize the five wounds of Christ. Assuming the Ancients aren't unbounded to location or time, we see it used throughout history, either as a symbol of balance, good, or evil. While I am no Freemason myself, I understand they use it in Freemasonry as well. We see it used in Communism and Capitalism, by the USSR and the United States in both their flags. We see it used in Islam and Satanism. The same question could be asked of any of these groups. The American flag, for example, was not always made with a five pointed star. Washington's headquarters flag was made with six pointed stars, as one example, but many of the other flags in use as well had six instead of five. I'm not really sure why they would go for five points on this rather than anything else, but I can at least attest that the five pointed star is familiar to humanity."

Sarah silently considers the explanation for a few moments before responding. "Balance..." she says, more thinking out loud than anything else. "Homeostasis. Equilibrium. The Ancients were scientists and would have recognized the importance of balance in nature... or for them in the universe. But what are they trying to balance here?"

Sarah rubs her faces with her hands before expelling a grumbling sigh. "Urgh! Is there any point in this exercise at all! We're trying to figure out what the Ancients were thinking when we barely know what they were even attempting! Let's get up there, hook up those sensors, and dial the damn thing already!"

It is Klaus's turn to look a little surprised at Sarah's growing impatience. "Ah, it seems ve have extracted ze scientist from within the bowels of ze medik," he muses somewhat distractedly to Eileen. "Ja, ve dial, but ve need to know vat ve are getting into, ja? Frau Major should suggest our security teams go play soldier up there."

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

"All stars are internally balanced.", Friedrich adds. He pauses and says, "A five pointed star was used in English heraldry, but as far as I know, the earliest references to it being used in heraldry proper are almost 600 years after the latest possibility of Camelot." He pauses again, grumbling, "Of course, that would be fittingly anachronistic, as there's no record of Gawain and his precious shield even being mentioned until 1100 at the earliest."

Sarah glowers at von Braun as he comments about unlocking her inner scientist, but the brief flash of shock on his face curls her lips into a small grin before turning to Friedrich, "Well, Gawain was rumored to have been an Ancient, so maybe some of what we see from heraldry is really the borrowing of things. Chevrons and circles were used a bit in symbolism and heraldry too, weren't they?"

Professor Friedrich Gottjäger

"Yes, they were, but many other things were as well. It's possible, it just feels tenuous, is all." He pauses, before adding, "Why don't we just dial this stuff in and see what happens, then?"

"I'm not much of a believer in coincidences, but I agree that everything here is tenuous at best." Looking between the physicist and the linguist Sarah asks, "So, what is our hypothesis, and what tests do we need to run when we fire up the 'gate so we can get the answers we need?"

Eileen crosses her arms and quietly listens, letting those who know what they're talking about talk.

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