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School of Limitless Possibility

School of Limitless Possibility - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Ad Closes: Sep 30 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 1

It seems the first ad was closed early so I'm posting this second one as there's still time before the 30th September.

It's time for school.......

This game will be running with the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition system (Yes, for those who read the Game Planning page, in the end I made a decision feeling that this system would make people more willing to join in).

There is no set limit to the number of people who will be selected to play but it will simply depend on the ability to manage everyone, which may cause a limit to be imposed at some point depending on how many applications are received.

I am looking for 2 Co-GMs (Hopefully), Teachers and Students who can brighten up the school. I have no set image of how the school will be exactly so the sooner you get involved the sooner you can help to shape the school. After all, this school is run for the benefit of looking after its employees and providing an exceptional educational experience for its students.

Almost anything goes for creating a character, though please take note that during the day you are but normal (within the scope of what could be seen as average normality in an anime setting) and during the night your power levels sky rocket giving you access to all sorts of exceptional abilities you wouldn't normally have.

I will be looking to accept Co-GMs first, then the idea is then to prioritise accepting teacher applications over student applications as the Co-GMs and teachers will have a greater influence on setting up the school, forming their departments and coming up with what facilities and equipment they will have access to.

Applications and Rules can be found in the Applications Threadgroup on the forum. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Game Description:

There are many strange stories of paranormal disturbances and disappearances within the area classified as “The Bermuda Triangle” over many years. However, there is no stranger story than the sudden appearance of a new island 20 years ago. For some unknown reason it has attracted great investment and has become a place of new developments. All sorts of people from across the world have been flocking here to investigate the island and take advantage of the possibilities this island could represent. As people came to this island things started off on a small scale but the population grew and it became nothing more than a big island city home to some of the world’s greatest talents. With this came the development of a huge school at its centre focusing on research & development opportunities as well as education. It is a privately funded school and offers every educational opportunity to those with talent. It is considered a Megaschool due to its size and with its wide array of facilities and labs it caters for all ages and specialisms. Specialists and great talents from across the world have been recruited here.

Now, this may not seem that strange but the rate of growth and development that has taken place on this island is remarkable, though it could just be the result of centralising the greatest talents and minds of this world in one place. Others are uncertain about this theory but still many people are drawn to this island. Whatever is going on it seems to be something major but due to the lack of information coming out of this island it’s hard to know what exactly could be going on.

The School is the 'School of Limitless Possibility', it is a boarding school and it has been called this due to its limitless potential from having recruited the greatest talents from across the world.

So, it's all set in this world on this one island

Obviously something is going on with this island, well here it s.......

During the day the island is a normal place, just like anywhere else in the world, much like how we live our lives every day but in a more anime style setting. At night, due to the location of the island being in the Bermuda Triangle, is when the paranormal disturbances impact upon the island in this world giving people all sorts of crazy abilities and stuff. The students tend to go on the rampage, the teachers struggle to control the situation and all sorts of strange things seem to happen as the island goes out of sync with the rest of the world at night. This means that at night nobody can perform any action that can impat on the rest of the world and only the people on the island will ever be able to see what goes on at night.

However, with all this action going on at night, remember you still have classes to attend and other things to do.

This game will involve players playing as teachers and students. So beware taking things too far or you face the wrath of a player using their authority as a teacher to send you to detention or maybe an even worse may be sent to the Headmaster's Office. Also, if teachers push too hard the students may become even more determined to make your life miserable with all their antics.

And just when you think it's all over, you still have the following night to look forward to.

"Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory. "
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The way I'm sorta envisioning the game is something along the lines of Shin Megami Tensei meets Toaru Majutsu no Index set in tropical Bermuda =D


I'll see about getting round to watching that Toaru Majutsu no Index at some point but the Shin Megami Tensei reference is correct.

During the day, it's basically normal.

At night, the island goes out of phase with the rest of the world, in effect, making it exist between realities/dimensionsions, which means that all sorts of things become possible. The energy that is generated from the island's existence between dimensions as the energies from each dimension clash give rise to rising the abilities of people on the island beyond normal limits.

However, things from other dimensions/realities can also appear on the island, which may or may not be friendly. To add to it all, take a bunch of normal teenage students, give them a load of power and they're going to cause some trouble. It is the responsibility of the teachers to try and prevent the students from getting out of hand and trying to control situations as they develop.

Then we have the rather secretive school council tied to corporations who provide all the funding the school needs and then some slong with a Headmaster who has never aged but was discovered on the island and has no known identity. He is simply referred to as the Headmaster.

There are some strange things going on round here and it could be more than just the work of the students causing chaos every night.

Just remember that grades mean a lot at school too, so too much fun at night may lead to tiredness and exhaustion during the day and come exam time sleeping and drooling are not adequate answers to questions unless the teacher who set the test was also having a bad day when they wrote the exam.

I have an idea for an application, but I think I might wait for the deadline to see if anyone else applies.

Nah, always write first and see who you inspire to play. I find if I see a particularly neat character concept in a game type that's caught my interest, I'm far more interested.

Ah! This game thread disappeared and I was..kinda surprised. I still have my character work in progress.
But now that it was mentioned.... hmmm ToAru Majutsu no Index would be a lot of fun to play off of too. I don't get the Shin Megami Tensei reference (probably because I've never played the game)... I'll keep working on my profile.

Originally Posted by Keramane View Post
Nah, always write first and see who you inspire to play. I find if I see a particularly neat character concept in a game type that's caught my interest, I'm far more interested.
One of the other applications kind of makes me not want to play in a game like this. So I think I'll bow out and let everyone else have fun.

>_> That was the opposite of what was intended with my comment. Oh how things can backfire.

this looks interesting, would you be willing to take somebody new to MnM? If so, I think my character will be a student, but is loyal to the school/staff... hall moniter of some sort stike that, even better... he merges with the school at night... and is hall moniter by day. Granted, I guess he'd more likely be in the 'teacher' catagory then, although more of a school staff kind of thing (although he'd be 15-16 years old).

Teachers can be of any age iirc, but if you're working in the school, why not do a Student Council role? As is an occasional meme in anime, students are often made to clean classrooms under their class representative's watchful eye. Why not twist that to say that one of the responsibilities of the council includes maintaining the school in a physical sense.


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