A Tyranny of Souls - Scales of War - Epic Adventure Awaits

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A Tyranny of Souls - Scales of War - Epic Adventure Awaits

A Tyranny of Souls - Scales of War 19th Level - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: Oct 15 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

A Tyranny of Souls

Tiamat was pleased. A strange emotion. The war was going well. Githyanki, led by their mad emperor Zetch’r’r, were putting mortals to the Sword by the thousands. Soon they would be powerless to resist. Soon, the Dark Queen would be able to push her advantage. No-one could stop her. No-one would prevent her greatest victory. Pleasure. A strange emotion.

In a small chamber in the University of Sayre - grandest seat of learning for miles around, Amyria, Deva Scion of Bahamut, pondered recent events. Her rebirth seemed scant moments ago. So how did she now find herself as leader of the nameless Coalition. Responsible for the future of nations and countless souls of many races. Lord Divian Torrance's death weighed heavily on her. Why did the fool seek such direct action? He was born to lead - she was barely reborn and leadership was so burdensome. But lead she must and the tide was turning. The Coalition's forces were striking back at the Githyanki masses. And news, received just today, could add one more notch of victory. Perhaps enough to drive them to a successful conclusion. It would be a difficult mission and the Coalition must choose wisely. Heroes of the War were needed. Strong arms and strong souls. This mission that could take them to the very heart of the enemies' empire. The Astral Sea and beyond. Amyria had some heroes of her own in mind. Maybe those mad fools that freed her from her prison - predicated her rebirth. Maybe, they would serve.

The Game
A thread on the Game Planning forum bemoaning the fact that there were not enough high level games, is what provoked me into kicking this off. So thanks to Methin. The plan is to get going at 19th level with Tyranny of Souls, the 13th installment of Scales of War. With hard work we may find a way to keep this going into epic and with luck, I have no qualms with taking this all the way to the end with The Last Breath of the Dragon Queen.

The Setting
Standard Points of Light setting with Scales of War as the backdrop - Elsir Vale, Overlook, Sayre etc. etc. . Make up any reasonable background for your character and feel free to invent places, organisations and so on, although do look in the Background Thread on the game forum for inspiration.

The DM
Me, BornAgainGamer. I have a few years experience playing 4e on the Weave and DMing 4e face to face. This is my third foray into DMing with pbp. The first suffered from player drop out and fizzled out really quick, the second is coming up for it's first birthday and has settled into a good rhythm.

Character Creation
Characters will be Level 19, standard 22-point-buy, with a level 18, level 19 and level 20 magic item plus 85,000gp for extras. I have a DDI subscription, so anything that is available on Character Builder is fair game. Backgrounds can be taken - as many as you want but only one mechanical benefit including. Things not on CB I will probably allow too but best to check first. Character should be of non-evil alignment.
Only restrictions are backgrounds, items, feats etc. that are clearly for another setting - e.g. Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, Eberron.

Finally, your characters must be happy, or at least not completely unhappy, to save the world from the forces of evil and chaos.

The Adventurers
I will be accepting five players. Here is the process:

Application Format
Please include your entire application in one post in this thread - do not update in multiple posts and please also post when you believe your application is complete

Required format for apps...

Above all, I am looking for players that can post regularly, typically daily and will attempt to write interesting posts both in and out of combat situations. This will be the main basis for the selection of applicants - please do your best to write interesting and grammatically stylish applications and show me evidence of your ability to commit to a pbp game.

15th October 12:00 GMT - midday

Please post any questions here in this application thread. Please - no pms - if you have private questions then post using private tags in this thread - helps me keep all the stuff in one place. And - no question is a stupid one - we are all here to learn - especially me.

Accepted Applicants

Balasar Dragonborn Warlord/Battlelord of Kord played by Methin (he started this all off - it's only fair that he gets in and it's a great character too)


Completed Applications

Prince Amraphel of the Last House - Tiefling Warlord/Infernal Strategist - kenas link
Isidore Leopold Moreau Human Artificer - tacocat link

Brahnile Vayle - Eladrin Guardian Fighter/Polearm Master - kedcoleman link
Renis Bern - Human Paladin - arq kujos link
Siegfried Von Leonhardt - Human (reflavored Dragonborn) Dreadnaught Fighter - nexus75 link

Thurien Vadalis - Elf Beastmaster Ranger/Vadalis Griffonmaster - Jak_EcoFreak link
Nokial - Half-Elf Slayer/Polearm Master - parn link
Grandmaster Merloc the Magnified Human Monk - sandster link
Gidgidoni - Elf Avenger/Zealous Assassin - Revenging Ewok link
Mord Bonesplinter Half-Orc Barbarian - Kanno link
Snorri Stormchaser Human Thaneborn Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker - bluntpencil2001 link

Kirzhad - Githzerai Invoker/Devoted Orator - joeluma link
Vylaniarra - Eladrin Wizard / Wizard of the Spiral Tower - prospero link
Helja - Dwarf Invoker - Inscribed link
Loucipher Riallin - Shade Mage (Enchanment/Illusion) - huntyr link
Katarys the Living Flame - Genasi Wizard - Lumovanis link
Lady Annalise Montrose Human Mage (Illusionist/Enchanter) - The Snark link

Lelianne Rosenthal - Elf Cleric|Ranger - lcg16 (small l not big I) link
Mai Two-Hands Genasi Ranger/Wizard/ Re-flavored Janissary - mask _de_H link
Redra Deva Hybrid Seeker/Ranger (controller emphasis with a dose of striker) - PolkaBear link

Incomplete Applications



Dracaryn, The Crone of Dreadlight Marsh Dragonborn Warlock - FalconGK81 link



An addition to the application process ...
... as there appears to be such a lot of interest I am going to add an rp element to the application screening. Once you have completed your application and I judge it worthy of interest I will ask you to join Methin and I in a private thread on the game forum. Here we will assess your rp abilities and judge your fit to the party.

Game Description:

Tyranny of Souls

The darkest hour is upon us, but we have no need to fear and no reason for anguish. It has been foretold that our hero will return. Her blade will shine like a thousand stars, and our enemies will cower in it's brilliant light. Her voice will ring with the shouts of a thousand warriors, and our enemies will wail and gnash their teeth with fear. And her anger will burn like a thousand suns, and our enemies will be as cinders before her intolerable wrath. It has been foretold that she who broke our chains will come forth once again and lead us to glory and conquest, and in her name we will build an empire to span all worlds, giving no shelter, no succor, and no mercy to those who oppose us. It has been foretold and the time is near.

Take heart warrior - Gith has returned, and our ultimate victory is at hand!

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Sounds like a lot of fun. I have a few ideas for leaders. I wouldn't mind resurrecting the one I played last time I tried to get through Scales of war, but it wouldn't work in some parties.

Wow - that's a lot of rapid interest. Anyone that's thinking of setting up a D&D 4E game - stop thinking and do it :-)

Alright, I have my concept. I'm thinking of a human paladin servant of Pelor. Its an old classic, but with a new twist. Also, because it is awesome, he will ride a celestial dragon. Damn Epic level requirement! :P


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