School of Limitless Possibility (3rd ad)

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School of Limitless Possibility (3rd ad)

School of Limitless Possibility - Forum
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As nobody has set out any real issues with the game I am going to just leave things as they are then.

Currently in the process of getting some content established and just posting this ad here to see whether anyone else wants to get involved in playing.

Game Description:

There are many strange stories of paranormal disturbances and disappearances within the area classified as “The Bermuda Triangle” over many years. However, there is no stranger story than the sudden appearance of a new island 20 years ago. For some unknown reason it has attracted great investment and has become a place of new developments. All sorts of people from across the world have been flocking here to investigate the island and take advantage of the possibilities this island could represent. As people came to this island things started off on a small scale but the population grew and it became nothing more than a big island city home to some of the world’s greatest talents. With this came the development of a huge school at its centre focusing on research & development opportunities as well as education. It is a privately funded school and offers every educational opportunity to those with talent. It is considered a Megaschool due to its size and with its wide array of facilities and labs it caters for all ages and specialisms. Specialists and great talents from across the world have been recruited here.

Now, this may not seem that strange but the rate of growth and development that has taken place on this island is remarkable, though it could just be the result of centralising the greatest talents and minds of this world in one place. Others are uncertain about this theory but still many people are drawn to this island. Whatever is going on it seems to be something major but due to the lack of information coming out of this island it’s hard to know what exactly could be going on.

The School is the 'School of Limitless Possibility', it is a boarding school and it has been called this due to its limitless potential from having recruited the greatest talents from across the world.

So, it's all set in this world on this one island

Obviously something is going on with this island, well here it s.......

During the day the island is a normal place, just like anywhere else in the world, much like how we live our lives every day but in a more anime style setting. At night, due to the location of the island being in the Bermuda Triangle, is when the paranormal disturbances impact upon the island in this world giving people all sorts of crazy abilities and stuff. The students tend to go on the rampage, the teachers struggle to control the situation and all sorts of strange things seem to happen as the island goes out of sync with the rest of the world at night. This means that at night nobody can perform any action that can impat on the rest of the world and only the people on the island will ever be able to see what goes on at night.

However, with all this action going on at night, remember you still have classes to attend and other things to do.

This game will involve players playing as teachers and students. So beware taking things too far or you face the wrath of a player using their authority as a teacher to send you to detention or maybe an even worse may be sent to the Headmaster's Office. Also, if teachers push too hard the students may become even more determined to make your life miserable with all their antics.

And just when you think it's all over, you still have the following night to look forward to.

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I'm guessing you're actually after more than one player?

Well yes, I'm open to more than one player and have no set limitation on this beyond what can be managed in game.

One is usually what a DM'll pick if he's unsure. I personally would pick zero just to screw with peoples' minds :3

Originally Posted by Scuffles View Post
^ That ad does say you only want one..
Then feel free to ignore the number and either decide to join the game or not.

In the most recent interest thread, matty said he wanted 5-6 players to start with. I think he has 2 or maybe three so far. Meaning he probably has room for another 2-3 players.

Maybe a couple of extra but that all depends on how many people want to join in.

Meaning when I have 5 or 6 players and their characters sorted then I'll consider that a good point to start running the game and if people still want to join in at that point then maybe a couple of extra spaces can be squeezed in to accommodate this.

Sorry, I don't have and can't get the rulebooks or anything. I do know a friend I can borrow the 2e ones off but I guess they're different.

I'm also not a huge fan of the day/night split thing, it looks a little confusing to me. I'll still read if that's OK with you though!

The fun part about the day/night thing is that it lets us basically have a Scooby-Do style adventure while still having us as normals. So we get the high powered action while still having the just-normal-people side to it all too. It gives more character depths and development options in my opinion.


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