Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 2)


As the group came to a stop Jarili hopped off his mount and tied him up where he could graze. He took out his newly acquired Longbow and a couple of Arrows. He had not used one in the longest time and decided to have a few practice shots at a tree nearby.

After he was done, he sat down to eat. He agreed with the no fire detail and nodded his ascent when told he would have to take watch. This did not bother him and taking directions from another did not either. At least it was a fellow dwarf.

Denayth remains silent as Brunhilde gives orders; the woman made sense, even if her delivery could use some work. He unsaddles his horse and awkwardly brushes the horse as he'd seen the others do on the trip. After much longer than normal, he sits down in the middle of the clearing. Fingering his holy symbol, he seems lost in thought until Jaared comes over. He nods . "I'm sure they're fine. We'll need to meet back up with them before we can figure any sort of ruling or government out; they'll have to be involved too, of course. But there'll be time enough for that later; first lets worry about the bandits, eh?"

He's speechless at Jaared's passing remark; he'd never considered leading the group. He had no experience in surviving the wilds, or bandits, or much of anything really. However, he'd probably be able to keep the peace better than Brunhilde, and Abadar knew he'd do a better job than that spoiled brat Mallory. Jarili seemed too quiet and withdrawn to be in charge, while Jaared seemed to need someone else to give orders.

Shrugging his shoulders, the padre clambers to his feet and walks over towards Brunhilde. He smiles at the dwarf and
Dwarven: Hello Mistress Brunhilde. Do you have a moment? I'm worried some of the others won't understand your dwarven mannerisms. I fear they see you as overbearing and rude. Now, I'm sure you can understand that cohesion amongst the group is paramount to our success. So here's what I propose: you and I work together to keep the others in line. I'll lead the others, keep them in line, while you guide us through the wilds and against our enemies. That way, the group and everyone in it succeeds. What do you think?
speaks to her in her own tongue.

"I like the way you think, mister Jaared," Mallory said, matching Brunhilde's brusqueness with her own pointed ignorance. To further these ends, she sat with Denayth and Jaared, making sure to always have her back turned to the gunslinging dwarf. She dug through her knapsack, pushing aside the trail rations for some fresh baked bread her former hosts had so graciously been ordered to make her.

The hardtack and jerky was peasant food and she treated it as such, the vague idea that she might not have bread for long was the only thing keeping her from throwing it away completely. She dove into the doughy treat like a wild animal; all pretensions of class and tact gone. It was the wilderness, she thought; certain concessions could be made.

Before she could finish the entire thing, an idea struck her. She offered the rest of her bread to Jaared, the part she had eaten facing him. That's how these things started; an offering of food here, an indirect kiss there... If Mallory was going to be queen of the Stolen Lands, it was only proper to decide who her king would be.

"Would you like some, mister Jaared?"

The night passes without incident, though you found it a bit hard to sleep out in the cold and in the open, though Denayth thanked Abadar in more than one occasion for giving him insight to bring an extra blanket. If anyone sufferd more it was probably Byron who could just couldn't sleep in part due to the cold in other due to his situation.

The next day arrives and the sun begins to rise, Brunhilde is already up and lifting shop since the trail might grow cold - not that they've been following one mind you, but you all knew that the bandit was heading 'home'

Everyone heals 1hp

The rapid pace is soon taken once again at the crack of dawn, Byron points in a direction that some of you can only assume is South.

Jarili's affinity with the woods is clear as he moves, noticing the trail coming into a small clearing the dwarf bids caution as he hears something up ahead...

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+7, 1d20+1, 1d20+3, 1d20+9, 1d20+1, 1d20+3, 1d20+3

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Dice Roll: 1d20+8
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 28)

Jaared notices the same that Jarili, the group's current position as away from sight and as long as you manage to keep quiet you could maybe see them without them noticing you.

Jaared quickly looked over at Jarili and brought his reigns up to halt his horse. Freeing one of his hands he brought it up to motion the group to stop. He then put his finger to his lips and made a "Sssshhhing" noise. The former Watch Captain pointed at the group's resident rogue, Willem, and motioned him forward in the direction from where the noise came from. Looking intently at the others he placed his hand upon his sword's hilt.

Willem nodded to Jaared and signaled to Storm to halt. He slipped off his horse as quietly as he could and crept forward to where Jaared indicated.

Take 10 on Stealth for a total of 17 and Perception for a total of 19.


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