Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 2)

Willem dismounts and crouches to almost a crawl, moving forward alone he comes up to a bush from where he can see into the clearing ahead.

Willem sees a large patch of radishes grown in an arrowhead-shaped clearing here. Willem also sees six moaning kobolds lying on the patch, they seem to have their bellies full of the spicy roots as well as three overfilled baskets of the same lying nearby.

Willem blinked. This was not was he expecting at all. He was very tempted to laugh, but he didn't want to give up the advantage of surprise. Slowly and carefully, he crawled backwards out of the brush as quietly as he could. After getting back to the group, he got up and crept to Jaared. Whispering to him, Willem said "Not the bandit camp. Radish patch with six kobolds that have gorged themselves on the radishes. Kill them or parley? I know their language."

Jaared looked at Willem incredulously. "Seriously?" He looked at the others and almost laughed. "Parley. The value of what they know about the area outweighs my desire to exterminate the half-pints. Radishes? Really? Well, sneak back up, speak to them in their language and see what you can do. I trust you'll think of something." Jaared looked over at Brunhilde and shrugged his shoulders. In the same low voice he used with Willem he whispered; "Killing incapacitated kobolds with belly aches is practically murder, evil or not. Let's see how Willem does." He sat and waited for Willem's return.

Nodding to Jaared, Willem considered for a moment how he wanted to approach them. Kobolds tended to be rather skittish but braver in groups. He needed to get on their good side and the best ways to do that was flattery and bribery. He pulled off his pack and removed a small steel mirror. Then, he pulled out a dagger from his boot. Moving quietly towards the radish patch, Willem tried to get into a position where they could see him from a distance once he announced himself. Through a gap in the bushes, he saw the six kobolds still writhing on the group amongst the radishes. Kneeling down, he kept his gaze low and held up the mirror and dagger in both palms as an offering. "Oh great ones!" the young rogue said in Draconic with a small smile, "Lords of the Radishes! I come before you in supplication!" Once he had gotten their attention, he continued, "I bring to you this tribute that I and my allies can pass through your domain in peace." He then placed the bribe on the ground in front of him.

Dice Roll: 1d20+6
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 21)
In case it applies yet, here's a Diplomacy Check

As soon as Willem stepped into sight the Kobolds shrieked and scrambled to get up and arm themselves with their small javelins, it took one of them a good three attempts to roll over and stand up getting a bit dizzy when finally able to do so.

Their small weapons set on the rogue and ready to fly, but as Willem had thought the creatures seemed nervous as they glanced about to the sides trying to see if any more of his kind were near, Willem speaking Draconic certainly got them a bit confused as they mumbled to each other:

In Draconic Perception DC12:
"Should we kill this human? he doesn't look like he's trying to steal our radishes"
"The last one that came through here certainly did!"
"But he brings us shinnies!"
"So what? we can kill him and get them anyways."

"yes that can work, but he said he has allies"
"true... lets ask."

Barking the one of the kobolds asks at Willem (oblivious that you might have been hearing the whole conversation)
"You man human come... alone?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 15)
"No, my lord," Willem replied in Draconic, keeping his gaze low, "I have allies and they are nearby but did not want to offend you by intruding upon you unannounced." He knew he was laying it on pretty thick, but small creatures aren't generally used to being treated in such a manner. Hopefully, it would keep them off balance for a little bit. "We only wish to pass through and allow you to enjoy your radishes in peace. Unfortunately, my friends and I do not eat radishes or else we would offer you some that you might enjoy them."

The kobolds stretch to see behind you trying to see if what you said was true. Then went back to deliberations

In Draconic Perception DC12:
"See? he not alone lets take the shiny and let them go. And... why he call you lord? you no lord!"
"Maybe I am lord, why not?"
"Because you just are not lord"
"...I also think you not lord"
pipes another kobold
"human think I'm lord, I like this one, besides he said we all lords"
"so me lord too?"
the kobold yips excitedly
"I think so yes."
"then we let him live, just not tell chief that we are lord or we might be in trouble..."

Finally arriving at a concensus the kobold responds "We agree that you can pass, leave shinnies on ground, don't look at our radishes or we will smite you" one of the other kobold giggles "this radish patch is our and only ours, it good you not like radish or we need to kill you." the small kobold stands proud with his chin slightly upwards waiting for you to pass along.

"Thank you, my lords," Willem responded, "May I ask you more questions before I leave you to your meal? I am new to the forest and I am hoping you will share with me your knowledge of the area."


The kobold answers plainly "Yes fine, this is radish patch, and this patch is ours five" counting again he corrects himself "ours six"

Pointing North "that way you come from" then pointing south "that way forests" pointing East "that way plains" and finally pointing West "that way more forest. You give shiny now?"

Right, Willem thought. Not exactly the ripest radishes in the bunch. "Of course, my lords," he said in Draconic as he motioned towards the mirror and dagger on the ground in front of him, "They are yours. Thank you for your benevolence. We shall be going now." He slowly backed up for a few paces, still on his knees, and then rose. Still keeping his gaze low, he backed away and around a bush until they were out of sight and then hurried over to the others.

Upon reaching the others, he spoke low in Common, "The kobolds are more concerned about keeping the radishes to themselves than anything else. We can pass with no problem. Just don't look at or ask for any of the radishes." Then he put his pack back on and got back on his horse.


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