Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 2)

The kobolds seem happy with the gifts offered, one waves his hand dismissively while the rest take turns admiring the items. The group can proceed with little trouble near the radish patch, the kobolds eye you carefully as you pass with their weapons ready but as long as you don't get near them or the radish patch they don't show aggression.

Good job, For good roll/role play and not using his hero point, Willem gets an extra hero point, I'm certain Willem would've been very dead if at least six javelins had impaled him at once, which was a very real possibility.

Jaared did his best not to snicker as he rode by the radish patch. Hopefully one of them will remember in the future the time 'they ate too many radishes' and the resulting belly-aches. Once they were well past the danger the group rides on for a time, noting this and that about the area. Jaared talks to Byron for a bit along the way before asking him some serious questions. "So Byron, how far to the camp now? How many bandits usually reside there? Are there any lookouts and where are they located? How about a leader, is there one and what is his or her name?", he asked in a solem voice. He asked loud enough for the others to hear.

Byron responds fairly easily not giving much thought "A couple of hours maybe, there a lot of bandits there though some are usually out hunting, all in all you should expect between eight and twelve of them plus Kressle, she's a nasty one. I know that she answers to the stag lord and that there's bandit base further south but I've never been there."

Jaared nodded at the bandit's response. "You seem a bit uneasy Byron. How many bandits do you honestly think will be in the camp? And who is this 'Stag Lord' you speak of?"

Mallory frowned at the mention of the Stag Lord. "You mean there's already a lord of this godsforsaken place? We should parley with him, Mister Jaared; noble to noble. It'd save a long of time and effort."

Worried Byron speak up "That's just it, Cletus should have made it back by now, they're sure to be waiting for ya, and they'll try to maybe even kill me outa spite. What do you plan to do? Kressle is not one to listen much, she'll soon burry a hatchet in your back when able."

"The Stag lord is like the head honcho around here, I haven't seen'im personally but I know Kressle does what he says"

"What do you do for the Stag Lord?" Willem asked Byron, "I mean other than being bandits. Do you provide tribute, a cut of the take?"

Brunhilde Thundercry

The padre's speech only warrants one word. 'Understood.' Nothing more, nothing less, and the conversation's over.

The following day, Brunhilde helps lead the band along, impressed by Willem's handling of the kobolds. "We probably will need to handle the kobolds later, though." Unfortunate necessities of pest control.

As Mallory starts getting worked up about speaking to a 'lord,' the dwarf sees fit to correct her. "Don't expect any kind of lord you've ever met, kid. This 'stag lord' probably ain't of nobler stock than Byron, here. He's probably just the biggest thug to actually have a head on his shoulders, so the rest listen to him."

At Brunhilde's assessment of the Kobold situation the half-elf nodded. "Tis true. The likes of them do cause more problems than they're worth." He redirects his attentions back to Byron, "And I assume 'foraging' includes Oleg's Trading Post? So who's Kressle? How long has she been with your band of 'Merry Men'?

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