Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)

Skapti looks confused now, "Itomo want eat soul of land?" He peers at Itomo, as if for the first time "Is new side, Skapti never see before."
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Magnolia ponders how best to reply, and goes with "He was offering you first dibs. It's a great honor. You, of course, already know how to do it, so he assumed you'd want to lead the way."

Missoi chuckles at the image of a man being tricked by the fey out of his clothes. "Well, I'm for any direction, really, but I have to admit, I'd be intrigued to to investigate the forest and the possibility of encountering fey. In my travels I have heard many stories of such creatures, but have had little contact with them myself."

"So perhaps we can head towards the forest first? If memory serves correctly, traveling to the southwest should take us there shortly."

To himself, he silently shakes his head, wishing there was a way for him to convince Skapti to ignore anything Magnolia said to him. He doubted he stood much of a chance at succeeding that.

Skapti pauses, not sure how to handle this new development. "Uuuuhhhh-f course Skapti can eat land souls! But, uh, maybe is better to find feys like pointy ear man say than eat too many soul. Give indergesting if too many. Besides, Skapti not like dibs." Skapti smiles, relieved to have resolved the problem.
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The idle conversation around the table continues, with no one really asserting themselves. In an attempt to get the group to come to a decision, Missoi says, "Well, I've already stated my preference to head for the woods, but really, I prefer decisive action above all - we should just pick a direction and head on out. Our host made mention of a supposedly haunted, ruined bridge to the southeast - while I doubt that's actually the case, that certainly sounds interesting. If we are to encourage a colonization of this region, we're likely to need to rebuild that bridge eventually - perhaps it would be worth to head in that direction and get a look?" The half-elf looks around at the others, attempting to gauge their opinions, hoping to resolve this stalemate soon.


Magnolia mounts up on his mule. His feet are almost dragging on the ground and he looks entirely out of place on the animal. Henry seems to sense this and his first instinct is to walk around in circles for a minute, trying in vain to either nip Magnolia in the leg, or catch his own tail. Neither is successful.

As soon as Henry tires of chasing a bite at Magnolia, they get started towards the gate. The mule seems to be intent on heading southeast. Magnolia calls out in vain over his shoulder, "I believe Henry has chosen southeast as well..." The two ride off, one clearly in charge.

"To the southeast, it is then..." trails off Missoi, mounting one of the deceased bandits' horses.


Itomo packs his saddle bags with all his gear, making sure to pack his big winter blanket. Once done he goes to Oleg to see if he has some basic items, tent, rations, feed, whiskey?. Once his new supplies are bundled up Itomo will check on Zarina and make sure that she is ready to go before following out after Magnolia and Missoi.

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Zarina Ka'thar

Bidding farewell first to both Oleg and Svetlana and thanking them for their hospitality, Zarina eases herself onto Askari's back, unsure of when they would be returning. After breakfast, she had hurriedly gathered up her gear and readied the stallion with Itomo's help. Using the barest touch of her knees to the grey's sides and an encouraging click of her tongue, horse and rider are soon following Magnolia's cantankerous mount and the rest of her companions out of the trading post gates.

Following the charging Henry out of Oleg's fort you bid farewell to Oleg and Svetlana for now, they seem surprised that you chose to leave at this time (a couple of hours after noon) but refrained to mention anything, adventurers were always weird.

A few more hours into the day and the sun soon began to set, upon you here the seemingly endless plains of the greenbelt, choosing to nestle under a lone tree you decided to set camp and stay for the night.


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