Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)


Magnolia enjoys the afternoon of riding, or probably would have had the mule been an agreeable mount. Instead, Henry took random opportunities to try to unseat Magnolia. His creativity in this regard was matched only by Magnolia's determination to not lose the war. Plus, he had tied himself to the saddle when Henry wasn't looking.

Magnolia pulls out some waybread as they make camp under the tree. Henry is tied to the tree. And to a stake in the ground. And to a large rock nearby. And to one of the other horses, who looked mightily displeased at the prospect. Magnolia would have tied Henry's legs together, but that would have invited a kick to the face, or a bite, and he wasn't willing to go that far.

As he munches on the stale cracker of crud, he asks, "So, what do we do now? Sing a song or something?"

Zarina Ka'thar

"You can sing a song, just try not to scare any game away," Zarina cautions as she sets up camp, which for today is quite simple with just her bedroll and winter blanket. I'm going to miss even that narrow bed at the post. Unlike Henry, Askari isn't tethered to anything and seems to be content grazing, keeping an eye on his mistress in between mouthfuls.

Once the simple task of picking out a sleeping spot is done, the Varisian starts walking further east out of camp. Shouldering her pack, she calls over her shoulder. "I'm going to try and set up some snares to see if we can catch some rabbits or hares for fresh meat. I'll be back soon." The stallion follows her petite form as she wades out into the fading light. Even in the gloom, she sees well enough to find fallen branches for her snares, stooping to collect ones she deems sturdy enough for the task. As she walks, Zarina keeps an eye out for anything worthy of foraging and animal tracks to determine where to set her snares for the night.

ActionsLook around for food to forage and set snares for rabbit/hares/etc.:
Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 10)
Survival (10)

Missoi tethers his horse to the lone tree, pleased at having handled himself reasonably well given his relative inexperience in riding (which, frankly, he found a bit embarrassing). Oh well - there's no time to learn like the present. Setting out his bedroll, Missoi looks up at Zarina's declared into to go forage for food. "If you don't mind, Zarina, I think I'll join you - I have ample food supplies, but it'd be good to stave off dipping into them if possible." With that, Missoi hoists on his pack and follows the woman to the east.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 9)
Keeping his keen eyes peeled for anything of danger or interest, Missoi searches for wildlife,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 12)
as well as any edible roots among the tall grasses of the expansive plains. Him and Zarina speak little, weary from the morning's battle and the afternoon's riding, instead content to focus on the task of searching for food.

Don't have much experience foraging for food - so does a 12 give me enough food for myself plus one other? Can I save that extra food for a future meal if nobody needs it?

The night passes slowly, in the morning Zarina goes to check on her snares but no rabbit landed, probably all of Magnolia's loud singing kept the small furry animals away, but with Missoi's help you both found a berry bush which should serves as a nice and quick breakfast before you part.

Zarina and Missoi collect enough to get by for a day for three people total, remember that foraging gets you more resources but slows you down. As for saving food, it's not really taken into account on the rules, I'd say you can save food depending on what you find and only for a few days at most.

A cranky Wizard name Magnolia

Magnolia wakes up slowly. First he opens his eyes and realizes that, in fact, not only he is not the Emperor, but he longer is allowed to walk around with any clothes on. That fact simply increases the disappointment in the dawn. Then, he comes to realize that his feet are cold and there's nothing he can really do about it. He tries to curl up a bit, but only succeeds in exposing bony knees to the frigid morning air. "This isn't going at all well," he thinks, tries to shift some blankets over his knees, but exposing his back for the effort. Several equally unsuccessful minutes later, he sits up, now in a thoroughly irate mood. He scowls and looks for something to vent upon, but only Henry seems interested in him. Venting there might have repurcussions for a longer term than Magnolia is willing to face. He settles for simply being miserable.

All in all, it's a better start to his day than normal.

He spends the next few minutes packing up his stuff and putting it back onto the still-disagreeable Henry. He earns a bite on the arse for his packing efforts. When all is said and done he plops down and says, "Well, let's finish exploring this area today."

Memorizing spells as needed.

Dog, of course, is eager to offer his
Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 10)
assistance with hunting, baying and bounding after anything that moves. All. Night. Long.

Morning finds Skapti in a foul temper, idly hacking at the dirt with his sword and occasionally resharpening the weapon from all the hacking. Dog is rather more chipper, prancing about the camp nipping at those still sleeping and barking playfully. Skapti eyes Horny Man's mule while fingering the edge of his sword.

Unable to find any characters in game 9974

A cranky Wizard name Magnolia

Magnolia sees the advantage and pounces on it. As he walks by Henry he says, "Keep messing with me and I'll let the halfling have you."

Zarina Ka'thar

Zarina was up early, no doubt due to Dog's assistance. Not that she slept all that well the night before with a rock jabbing her in the back from underneath her bedroll and possibly from all the enthusiastic baying that Dog engaged in. Wrapped up in her still unfinished cloak, the oracle stumbled out into the cold pre-dawn light to check on her snares. An hour after leaving, she trudged back into camp empty-handed and visibly disappointed, judging by the slump in her shoulders. Coming upon Magnolia and hearing his threat to poor Henry, she could only shake her head as she passed by the pair.

Still bleary-eyed, she packs up her meager items and sits down with the rest of her traveling companions for some breakfast. Askari nudges her shoulder, hoping for a treat. Zarina obliges by giving him a few of the berries she and Missoi managed to find.

Noticing that the halfling seems particularly ill-tempered, she decides to leave him alone for now. Instead, she checks up on Vortek's wound once the paladin is up knowing that a night's rest would have healed him a bit more. Glancing at Itomo, she couldn't help but smile. Zarina was certain the Restovian didn't need his wounds checked. She finds the silent form of the half-elf instead. "Missoi, I've been hearing this rattle of glassware and the like from your pack when we travel. I've been wondering what it is you carry and why. Perhaps you could explain it to me while we explore today." The Varisian girl looks up at him eagerly, glad to finally get the chance to ask her question.

The plains were rife with wildlife and the open expanse gave ample space for Dog to run chasing after a rabbit or two or ten... you might as well loose count on something like that, even Henry looked like he was having a good time, but maybe that was at his master's expense. From time to time you stopped to take in the breath of fresh air and sketch something - anything since the act of exploration demanded that you at least make a map or take notes...

By mid day you spot off in the distance a dilapidated shack that struggles with its own roof, a tiny curl of smoke rises from a chimney. Some sort of animal is tied near the door, it looks like a pig, but you're not entirely sure what it is at this distance.

A cranky Wizard name Magnolia

If Magnolia had an inner voice, it would probably say, "Don't approach the house yet. First, circle around it. Then look closely at it. Evaluate the danger of the pig, it could be dire. Scan for lookouts too. Maybe there's a tornado coming."

Fortunately, Magnolia completely lacks an inner voice, and decides that a nice roof with a hot meal would be fantastic, and maybe that chap living out in the wilds wilds will share his. Henry seems, oddly, to be in agreement. The two set off to the house.

If Magnolia acutally makes it there before being tackled by a companion, he'll loudly say, "Ho in there. You have visitors. We'll trade stories and gossip, and make a fine evening of it."


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