Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)



The first days out of Oleg's Fort was pleasant enough, the plains were broad and open, the clouds high in the sky, good visibility. Itomo made small chat with his companions settling into the monotony of the open land. He occasionally removes a small leather journal and ink pen from his pack and tracks the direction and distance the group has traveled making
Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 10)
calculations based on the sun's motion and distant landmarks. He pays special attention to noting the location of creeks/rises/woods/and any other potential resources marking each on his map as well.

Mid-afternoon prior to stopping for the night he spies a pair of Cerulean Shrikes flying high in the sky. He interrupts his conversation with Zarina "Look there, just over that stand of trees.....simply beautiful and rare this time of year. The pair of blue tinged large birds circle in the air, the light of the sun reflecting off their shiny feathers. "Some say seeing a pair of mates is a good omen for things to come." His spirits buoyed by the auspicious animals Itomo rests easier in his saddle.

That night as the others went about setting up their bed rolls or looked for game Itomo gathered firewood and kindling getting a nice fire going, not too big but enough to heat water and chase some of the winter chill away. That night he slept comfortably in his new tent, while their was no rain, the tents material created a layer of insulation and kept him warmer than he would have been without.

The following morning Itomo wakes well rested, after taking his tent down and packing his supplies up he feeds Ferber then resaddles his companion ready for the new day. Again during their travel he jots down notes in his journal, filling in the details of the land they move through. When the group comes upon the shack, Itomo dutifly notes it in his journal before stowing the book and writing device. He then checks his gear and takes up a position beside Zarina, happy to let Magnolia lead the group.
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Vortek awakes in the morning feeling renewed as he watches the sun rise over the horizon and the peace of the countryside settles over him. With the previous day's battle receding from his mind he tries to come to grips with the new reality of combat and unfortunate need of the whole mess. Not sure if he will ever grow use to the carnage he starts his day in prayer and then inspects and cleans his armor and weapons. Once he is back in his armor he finishes his morning routine with a series of exercises and then stows his gear back on his horse. Feeling a bit better he greets the others and prepares for a new day.

Missoi smiles at the Varisian. "You've got good timing; I was just about to begin work on my morning ritual. Popping the last of yesterday's berries into his mouth, Missoi pulls a small but handsome dark wooden chest out of his pack. Unclasping the lid, he opens it, an act accompanied by a small but pleasant creak. Inside lies a dizzying amount of small vials, filled with all manner of objects: dragonfly wings, newt's tails, sap, dried leaves, at least half a dozen forms of mushroom and more than twice as many birds feathers, as well as multiple liquids ranging from dark greens to luminous oranges and various viscosities. The half-elf selects three of these vials, pops open the lids, and begins to set about mixing and combining them; as he does so, he speaks.

"I've been practicing alchemy since I can remember. My adopted mother was an alchemist, and she always encouraged me to experiment. Even though I've since broadened my skills, I still maintain a relationship with the simple materials of nature: I find it to be a powerful communion." Smiling, he adds, "Not to mention damn helpful in the proper circumstances. Working with the materials of the world has taught me a lot about the powers and possibilities present in the mundane. Ultimately, I hope to be able to channel that magic solely from within, but for the time being, I continue to rely somewhat on the external elements of the world. Perhaps that will always be the case."

Missoi'll prepare an extract of CLW, leaving the other slot open, as well as his strength mutagen.

* * *

As the group approaches the cabin, Missoi halts his mount. "I wonder what we have here - perhaps this is the home of the hermit Oleg mentioned?" Seeing Magnolia continue to make his way forward, the half-elf calls out to him: "Magnolia: would you like some company?"

As the group approaches the cabin Vortek is about to suggest a cautious approach when the discussion again becomes moot by the wizard charging forward. He wonders if working with magic somehow warps a persons mind and destroys any thought of self preservation or if the mage has suffered some other sort of brain malady. Either way the man's life expectancy won't be that high if he continues to act this way. Vortek just shakes his head and follows in order to give any aid that may be needed in order to save from Magnolia himself.


Itomo rides along beside Zarina and Missoi, happy to let Magnolia be the first to the hut. Responding to the tension in the elf, Itomo strings his shortbow and holds it low across the saddles pommel. "I think your right, this is most likely the hermit Oleg spoke of, best to be prepared for anything."
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"Mayhap Vortek and Zarina should be the ones to approach - after all, they're the most respectable-looking of our group." As he says this he eyes first Magnolia and then Skapti, the latter of whom is no doubt picking his nose, pulling the legs of a spider, or committing some other small act of debauchery or violence.

Henry and as a result Magnolia walk nearly all the way up to the door of the shack, the pig is certainly no dire pig, just an ordinary smelly pig in a makeshift mud pit enjoying the rays of the sun oinking absently and certainly not paying any attention to you.

From inside the shack Magnolia can hear a heated conversation going on:

"You idiot! you know that it's two spoons not four! can't you read!"
"What?! since when is it two spoons?!! also you know my vision is not what it used to, don't judge me!!!"
"Oh I'm sorry then, I forget you're mostly blind, though you should really pay attention to what you're doing. Once again then, it's not four spoons, the mix should have two spoo-- no wait... now I remember... this ones carry no frog spit"
"Well too late now!"
"HAHA you're right, I do hope this works though"

You also think that it's only one person speaking.

Even as he tried to arrange a more dependable form of first contact with whomever lived inside the hut, Missoi watched as Magnolia, helpless against Henry's irrepressible will, was led up to the shack. Sighing, he said, "Or, we could just let the partial demon make an introduction." Turning to the others, he said, "Come on - let's go make sure Magnolia doesn't start a war." With that, he rode his horse up to alongside the tiefling, where he called out, "Excuse me! We don't mean to bother you, but we'd be pleased to make your acquaintance if'ns it'd please you."

A heedless Wizard name Magnolia

Magnolia sits outside of the house on a disagreeable Henry. Except, now, Henry apears to be agreeable. They're both looking at the house, not quite sure what to make of the situation. Magnolia mutters, "See what you got us into?" and Henry snorts a bit in reply (but quietly).

He looks at the others and says, "I'm not quite sure, but I believe that we do have enough ingredients to make roast suckling pig, except the apple." He makes no move to be the first one to get the attention of the resident. It's a rare sign of something closely resembling wisdom.

A sound of crystal breaking inside is heard "SHHShhh!! someone's at the door!"
"I know, I'm not deaf I'm blind remember"
"Go then"
"You go!"
"Ok, we should both go."

Stepping out of the hut comes a strange jittery man, he looks down at the pig spatting "Good fer nothing guard... you need to warn me when we have visitors!" the pig oinks absently.

"Who can I help you folks?"

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