Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)

Skapti's mouth is starting to dry out from so much open mouth-ness as he watches Horny Man use some strange language to charm the lizard things into leaving them alone. A suspicion begins to creep in, and Skapti's brows lower accordingly. His breath hissing through his teeth, "Horny Man... him do magic!"
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Zarina Ka'thar

"Well we're not bleeding out of spear-holes so that's magic enough for me," Zarina mumbles grudgingly, still astounded at the wizard's usefulness. She considers the radish patch out of the corner of her eye. "What of the radishes then? Can we get some?"

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Magnolia the Dragonwhispererer

Henry heads to the south west.

Good old Henry leads the group towards the south west you soon come upon the river ford not far away from the bandit's camp if you recall correctly, moving towards it you see that it's been long abandoned.

Magnolia the Dragonwhispererer

Magnolia makes note of the camp, and encourages everyone to search the area. Maybe rest for the night depending on the time of the day.

After, Henry heads to the south west.

Skapti watches Horny Man closely, as they make camp, and then begin moving again, hoping against hope to vindicate his friend from this newfound suspicion.
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Heavy rain clouds are evident on the horizon, the climate look like it will change soon and you dread being caught out in the open with no shelter, you turn back North towards home?

You reach Oleg's on a rainy night drenched but happy to be back, it looks like this rain will stick with you for several days, Oleg and Svetlana welcome you in and offer some warm soup.

Skapti peers suspiciously at the soup, "What this? Is some kind of thick booze?" Dog takes a look as well, sniffing in disgust at its meager alcohol content.
Unable to find any characters in game 9974


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