Part 2: Exploring the Greenbelt (Group 1)



"Partial demon...?...I thought they were partial devils.....I can never keep that straight." Itomo rides up along with Missoi anticipating an amusing if not comical introduction.
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Skapti, glumly slumped on Dogs back, stares at the crazed man. Dog cheerfully pads over to give the pork a sniff, quickly moving on to sniff at the man's crotch. Skapti grins from his close position. "Maybe Skapti can help you! Guard is tastier when dead and cooked - sucked and with apple, like Horny Man was say."

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The man nervously glances from side to side like a frightened bird, once Dog goes to sniff the pig and then his crotch the man screams running into the hut "Ah AH AHH!!!" you can see the makeshift door closing shut and hear more glass breaking inside "Run Rupert! he wan't to eat us, RUN you fool!! use the secret door!"

Rupert oinks absently again, the secret door in question appears to be a small hole at the side of the hut big enough for the pig to use at his leisure.

Dog whuffs at the man's sudden movement, charging after the man and pawing at the suddenly closed door. Skapti grins, "And they was saying Skapti no have Diplo-mace-y. That was yes, yes?"

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Dismounting and approaching the door so that he does not have to holler, Itomo responds "Svetlana., please sir you are safe."
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Missoi's head suddenly hurt. No one said anything about baby-sitting on this expedition. Dismounting, he ties his horse up to whatever's on hand, and then he calls out after the man. "Beg pardon, sir, but no one's going to be eating you or your, uhm, guard pig - my companions are just a little inclined towards frivolity. May we parlay?"

As the rogue speaks, Missoi leans in to whisper, "Glad to have someone here who can help, not hurt, the situation."

Talking from behind the door the man exclaims "Are you... sure? Oleg sent you did he?"

"Don't talk to them, they look scary"
"how would you know? you're blind remember?!"
"well they sound scary too!"

"If you really know Oleg... uhm then, what's his wife's name huh!?"


Itomo dismounts and approaches the door handing his reigns to Zarina.
"That would be Svetlana, please sir, you are in no danger."
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As Missoi watches Itomo hand his reigns to Zarina, he can't help but think that she's may very well feel mighty patronized by the gesture.

Shaking his head to turn it back to the matter at hand, Missoi adds, "Aye - we've just come from Oleg's post, where we helped rid him of his bandit problem. We're in the process of exploring the Lands, and he had mentioned we might want to pay you a visit and say hello in our travels."

Still unsure the man sort of debates with himself

"That was easy, everyone knows Svetlana around here fool!"
"Then you ask them something."
"I know what to ask jejej"

"Ok then what's MY name?, I'm sure if you'd met them they'd talk about me, I'm their favorite customer after all"
he asks as he peeks out of a crack in the door.

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