Let's Get Dangerous: Tales of St. Canard

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Let's Get Dangerous: Tales of St. Canard

Let's Get Dangerous: Tales of St Canard - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Game ad will remain open until I feel there are enough players to go forward.

Game Description:

St. Canard is in crisis and needs heroes!

This is a Mutants and Masterminds 3e game set in the Duck Universe, and is primarily based on DuckTales and Darkwing Duck with other influences. St. Canard is the largest Metropolis in the state of Calisota (also home to Duckburg and Mouseton), the most modern and as such has the highest crime rate.

This game takes place years after the Darkwing Duck series (which initially aired in March of 1991, over 20 years ago), and though things have changed, much is still recognizable. Darkwing Duck is still very active, as any middle-aged Duck in his 40s barely past his prime would be. However other younger characters have grown to adulthood and are coming into their own.

This game will be set at PL 8. Players can opt to play established characters who have come of age (such as Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gosalyn, Honker Muddlefoot, even Max Goof), or create characters of their own. Tie-ins or back history involving established characters are encouraged. Characters may or may not be Agents of S.H.U.S.H. Heroism is encouraged. Sociopathic Loner Anti-heroes will probably be laughed at. Playing a Villain is not an option unless you are a Co-GM.

That said, though this will probably be less work than a more serious toned game, the help of a Co-GM (or GMs) would be of great help. Even just with some of the number crunching. I can handle the fluff if need be. Of course this is the way to go if you have the urge to play a villain (or villains).

As mentioned, this is a lighter toned game. However, fans of Ducktales and Darkwing Duck will know that both series can have an edge at times. I'll likely be making use of alternate damage tracks from the 2e supplement Mecha and Manga, though as the foes get more dangerous, so does the combat. Death is unlikely but not impossible in the most serious of situations. For the most part though, injuries will not have lasting effect unless plot demands it.

I would prefer to keep the game as close in tone to the original series (and related shows, such as Tale Spin) as possible. Characters from non-Disney sources probably won't be allowed (though I'd be hard pressed if someone wanted to play Peter Porker - The Spectacular Spider-Ham), but homages are fine. Powers are fine, as they seem to fit in with canon.

Adventures will be episodic, though I am not averse to threads of slice of life banter. Long reaching arcs are unlikely. In some cases combat will be descriptive only (when the outcome is obviously in the hero's favor). Initially the game will start with 4 players, more if I get a Co-GM.

Status: Still have chronic illness which is forever barring a medical miracle. That said I will try.

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Oh I was so hoping I had more time before this game ad saw the light of day. I will have to wrap my head around an idea now.

I don't know this system at all, but you are my hero just for this existing. I loved that stuff as a kid.

My feelings are one and the same with SageBahamut. When the game starts you have to send me an invite as a reader.

"...which initially aired in March of 1991, over 20 years ago..."

Great, you made me feel old.

I prefer to keep characters as being from the Duck Universe. There are no humans aside from Dogfaces so characters from Disney titles that include humans (such as Gargoyles) are out. I'm probably going to lean that way for Captain Carrot as well, at least the one from the DC continuity. As I mentioned homages are ok, and its conceivable that a rabbit going by the name Captain Carrot with similar powers exists in St. Canard. That said, I am doing some investigation into the old Spider-Ham and Captain Carrot series (let me know if there are more) to see what I can blatantly rip off might be compatible with this game.

What if the great nephew of Shere Khan (Tailspin's ruthless businessman version), ended up being heir to the tiger's empire and a lazy, international gadabout? That might prompt Khan to manipulate the cub into an association with advneturers so that he could throw challenges at him to force him to grow up.

The boy would have the natural intelligence, physical abilities and charisma to overcome a number of obstacles. He's just have to find the inner motivation required.

I believe that's still technically within the Duckverse, and making the character a cub should put him on a similar scale as the citizens of St. Canard. Having Shere Khan as an uncle gives us a historic tie-in and a periodic "friendly" enemy.

Shere Khan was a character in Tale Spin and as such any concept involving him and family would be fine.

Damn, you're right. Tale Spin. I'm going to have to hope Netflix gives me a chance to brush up on the material.

I'll post something tomorrow based around solid stats, strong physical and social skills along with a few con-man attributes... But with a low interest in actually using those abilities until a group of new friends give him good reasons.


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