Reaching for Fame

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Reaching for Fame

The Rise to Fame - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Setting: My own Envisioning
System: Pathfinder
Players: 4-5
GM: Myself, and possible one Co
Power Level: Slightly Higher than Average

A brief overview
After Meeting at the Silver Pony Tavern, a group of new-found friends arrives in the town of Three-Stones, a moderately sized town fraught with gang violence and supernatural mischief. Is this their escape from a reputation befitting normal men? How will they handle their newly recognized fame and power? The choice is yours.

Character Gen.
Sources: D20PFSRD
Level: 2
Gold: 900
Stat Generation: Point-Buy (17 points)
Health: Full First Level, 3/4 Second Level
Alignment: None, we will be using an abstract alignment system, however you MUST be devoted to the group.

  • Posted Here
  • Must be Pretty
  • Sample Template Here

Please read the Character Creation Rules in the Forum...

Game Description:

Three-Stones crested the hill side with the noon sun high in the sky. The group had their fair share of trouble getting there with the bandit's toll road, not to mention all the trials of their lives before this. But as they broke into a jog and rushed down the dirt path they didn't notice the man on the hill. A man who's wide brimmed hat covered his steely grey eyes that stayed locked on the platinum coin he flipped into the air, caught, and flipped again. His plans for these adventurers were just beginning, he hoped they made it.

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Interesting. Would you say this is a more combat or social oriented? Or a heady mix of both?

I would deem the mix almost exactly 50/50

When you say, "must be pretty", do you mean that we cant play: dwarves, half orcs, gnomes, and halflings?

I assume not due to some more reading I made into this game's posts. I will probably begin crafting a character now.

Lol, no, the APPLICATION must be pretty ^^

Are we counting 'sexy' as a subdivision of 'pretty'?

If your Application looks 'Sexy' then sure...



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