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I realize that the spelljammer campaign setting was made for AD&D but some folks have made conversions to 3.5 and I was wondering if anybody had played it,the original or the conversions, and if its as cool as it sounded or not .

I liked the original, always play it AD&D thought for the nostalgia.

I am a spelljamming fan. the comics were great! only two dozen or so. i m reading the 'old' cloak master cycle series (TSR old), i just received the radiant dragon (book 4 of 6). I've only dabbled with role-playing SJ though i have some 3.5 conversions from dungeon mag 92. Though it has grittiness with midflayers, neogi and space orcs because of when it was created it has a silly science fiction quality to it with tinker gnomes and giff. I'd suggest giving SJ a bit of the Dark Sun feel- desolate and dangerous.

But... but the silly science fiction is part of why Spelljammer is so awesome

I've played and run spelljammer games in both 2nd edition and 3rd edition.

If you like a lot of fantastic wackiness, then spelljammer might be for you. If things like giant space hamsters and gun-toting hippopotamus men seem more silly then whimsical, then spelljammer may not be for you.

@ Ocelotdie if your looking for more 3E spelljammer conversions theres a buncha older sites none of them exactly has a lot of content but, they are there. Yeh I realized that spelljammer is probably kinda wacky but for some reason the idea behind the setting just has me like super interested .

Originally Posted by Toptomcat View Post
Spelljammer is all ABOUT wacky. Why would you want to make it Dark Sun-gritty?
this, giant space hamsters are awesome

I have the source material for the second edition Spell Jammer. It was one of my favorite settings. I thought a Forgotten Realms adventure would have a wider appeal is the only reason I didn't launch a game for SJ first. Once I get settled in I might start a Spell Jammer adventure. It seems like there might be just enough interest to support it.

That always makes me think of Minsc and Boo from Baldur's Gate, Boo being a miniature giant space hamster that the mildly insane Minsc carries around and talks to.

@Melverne You can have your cake and eat it too, as Skullport was a MAJOR SpellJammer locale. Being the nasty port under Waterdeep, mind you. The troop can make their living on the lanes, then return to solid ground for some mayhem and foolery.


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