Defenders of Gatewatch Re-Recruiting

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Defenders of Gatewatch Re-Recruiting

Defenders of Gatewatch - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 18 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 3

As we are nearing the 8'th month of Defenders, a few of those starting players have disappeared and I'm looking for two or three replacements. I'll be upfront and admit that I'm prone to periods of little to no activity, but I do always come back and try to post at least two or three times a week, with weekends being less active. PM my players and they'll tell what what you'll get from me as a DM.

As for the game... Gatewatch is a city guarding the great wall between civilization, integrity, and hospitality and the tyrannical wilds. Housing the Academy, a military school where students learn close to the frontlines, and where faculty regularly deal with threats against both the School and city. The Gate is being attacked with greater frequency, and whispers of larger mobilizations are on the rise.

Angels and Demons are commonplace, direct agents in the world of their masters. Magic is specialized highly into elements, and the divine is almost entirely in the realm of supernatural beings.

Gameplay is a mix of sandbox where the party can and will split, or even go solo occasionally. Leveling will be at my whim, and crafting both easier and more difficult in its own way.

Finally (for now) The monsters you see are rarely vanilla. I've got a lot of books, and I frequently will toss a few into a blender to get new abilities. Metagame if you dare.

Character Creation

Most important is Background and where you are going. I need one major antagonist of some type (bully, jilted lover, slaver you escaped from) and one ally/friend/cohort (not in a Leadership sense) each fleshed out with a paragraph at least. Background and who you are should be a few paragraphs. If you don't spell check, and have atrocious grammar, I won't pick you, and if I accidentally do, I will ask that you shape it up and will drop you after repeat offenses. That said, I screw up too, so there is a double standard that I recognize, point them out to me and I'll probably fix them.

The more you help me tell the story, the more you'll get to do, add a few hooks/wishes for your character. Most of the characters in the world over 10th level are divine/infernal in nature somehow, and this is very much a Good v. Evil world. Weapons above a +2 enchantment are rare and their commissioning will require a quest of some sort.

Peruse the World Encyclopedia

Questions will be best answered in the Questions forum here. I will look here for questions, but answer them in the game forum. No private application, there will be NO PvP going on.

Game Description:

The world is Membrum, a planet dedicated to the struggle of Good vs. Evil and placed between Heaven and Hell. A single continent separated by a huge mountain range with a few small islands dotting around the borders comprises the majority of the landmass. Three countries reside in this world; Methodia, a largely evil and tyrannical monarchy to the east, Apsuchos Maraino, a republic in the south of neutral morality, and Basileia Agathos, the kingdom of light to the west. The only real way of transport between the east and west is at the Gate, and is watched over on the western side by the simply named city "Gatewatch" where the adventure begins. Two powers are at work here, Good and Evil, and are each represented by a singular entity, though neither directly influence events, leaving that up to their servants.

"I swear mom, the Valkyrie followed me home on her own. Can I keep her?"

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Very interested, mind if I post in the morning when I have acces to my pc rather than my phone?

Not at all. I'll be leaving for Yosemite thursday night until sometime monday, and the very earliest I'd be picking is the following tuesday. I'll likely extend the date until sometime next week or later, but no promises.

i see you're not allowing wizards, but what about sorcerors/warlocks?

The big 4 are out, that is/are Druid, Cleric, Wizard, Archivist. Sorcerers and Warlocks are in. As are Wu-Jen, which are called Shapers and pretty sweet, let me see if I can remember what I had on them... They have Sorcerer casting, and are themed around one of the 7 elements, knowing automatically all spells on a list of them. There are a few more tidbits, but I'll have to look for them.

Wu Jen and Sublime Way Marshal both sound very tempting.

EDIT: What's the current party composition?

The five who have posted most recently are as follow.

A Human Marshal
An Aasimar (lesser) Sorcerer
A Shifter Ranger
A Human Barbarian
A Human Earth Shaper (Wu Jen)

We've also got a Kobold Rogue who may come around at some point.

I, also, am quite interested. I'll work on the backstory for a Paladin of Freedom and hopefully post late tonight (probably around midnight, CST in USA).
Do paladins retain their Divine Casting abilities?

Paladins do indeed retain their casting abilities, as do Rangers. For those who want to have a heavy divine feel, I'm up for working on a Savage Species progression for one of the higher CR celestial beings. Or Favored Souls are possible as well.

Super interested! Is Savage Species available? If there are angels and demons, perhaps a ghaele would fit right in and take on the cleric role.


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