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The Walking Dead -Season 2

It's not about being unable to suspend disbelief. I just don't enjoy that aspect of the character. It doesn't blend well with the rest of the cast.

Essentially when something that I see as strange and out of place happens, it reminds me it's just a silly TV show, which breaks my suspension of disbelief.. Granted mine was already broken before she showed up while watching them fire their guns that never run out of ammo and always get headshots.. Really, I don't think it's the fault of the viewer if our suspension of disbelief is broken.. I'm ready to suspend my disbelief every time I sit down on the couch, but sometimes something happens where it just breaks that.

I like Andrea. Besides Otis' dark haired daughter, she is the only woman on the show who is even moderately attractive.

Andrea is a hottie. Very stark eyes. Can anyone answer these questions though? I feel like they got swallowed up in the michonne debates:
  1. Why didn't these people, who did nothing but hang out at Hershel's farm all summer, come up with an agreed upon place to meet up in an emergency?
  2. Why didn't these people set up any sort of advanced warning system; e.g., set up any sort of perimeter or defenses?
  3. Same old gripe about how an entire army of zombies keep managing to sneak up on people when all the zombies do is wander around and moan. (Pretend this is a question ;-))
  4. Why didn't these people have any sort of food and ammo packed away in case they had to bail?

Most of those can be answered pretty easily.. They thought they were safe on the farm.. They had been for some time.. They were wrong..

They're not trained soldiers or anything, they probably kept a watch up for a while and then sort of trailed off. Also, they do what's needed for the scene. If someone needs to get accidentally shot then someone is on top of the mobile home with a rifle, if they need to be ambushed nobody is on watch, etc.

Without the conflict of Shane vs. Rick, the writers have to introduce an amped-up conflict that will showcase Rick's new tough guy mindset. Maybe Michonne will bring that to the group, but I'm hoping that they take advantage of the opportunity to use the prison and potential survivors/inmates there to keep shaking him up. The cop vs. convict mentality is a good conflict to do that because even though the world has moved on from that law and order, mankind still has a need to impose it in some way. I hope Michonne doesn't outshine the potential to do that.

Well I think it's pretty safe to assume that they're going to bring the prison into the picture. They could have it follow the path of how things go in the comic pretty easily but at the same time, there is some good potential there to change it up a bit. Or, even extend on what happens in the comic to a certain extent.

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