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The Walking Dead -Season 2

I started the comic series last night. It is the first comic I've ever read. I think my husband got a little giddy over the fact that I was interested enough to download them. So far so good. Artwork is amazing.

The game rock indeed and about season 2 being a bit slow, I'm one of those who appreciated the in depth drama and at times slow feel of the series, I mean it manages to picture one of the key things of a zombie apocalypse "The time waiting around to die" kind of deal..

About the comics, I am gonna start reading those soon.

Just finished the first episode of the game, and "holy crap" is about all I can say lol. I gotta say, I like what they did with the aiming reticle and contextual input.

Finished episode 2 just a bit ago.

I love Clementine so much!! She's one of the few child NPCs I've ever actually liked, and she's just a fantastic character.

100% agree with you on that Grey.

I kept making a cringey face waiting for the terrible, un-child-like dialog to spew out of her but it never came. Not only did I not hate her, I actually cared about her and was even worried about her in scenes where I wasn't sure where she got to.

I'm a bit worried about how they're going to play up this bond in later episodes. I have a terrible, evil imagination which can conjure up many ways to exploit the player, Clementine bond so I can only imagine what TellTale will do...

EDIT: @ Syndl: Hahaha, look at you all Walking Dead fixated lately....sounds familiar.

The comics are very different than the show; so much so its surprising how far things diverge. I remember first seeing them years ago at the comic/game store at Pike Place in Seattle. Who knew there was a little slice of nerd heaven in that old fish-market? I did! And my wife wonders while I always agree to go there with her....

As a different set of events in the same universe, I like that there's more than one way to explore the story. Let me know what you think of the comics.

@n_p: Duuuuude. You have no idea. I'm just trying to figure out the most effective way to twist your arm hard enough to start a game.*nudgenudgepushshove*

Re: comics: I find the characters much less likable in the comic series than in the tv show or game. Lori is insanely annoying in the comic and sometimes I just want to shake her for being so over the top. And, Glenn is a little... I don't know. He's sweet in the show, but I find him a little too horn-dogish in the comic. And, Andrea & Dale?! Didn't expect that!!

After reading a good bit of the comic, I can understand why some people are upset with the pacing of the tv show. Things do happen so much faster there than on the screen. However, its only solidifying my view that the pace is good, for me anyway. The character development is good in the comic and I'm sometimes surprised by how well its done, but I find it better and more complete in the show. But, that could just be me.

Re: videogame: I love, love, love Clementine and Lee. I love that she is his vulnerable point and I love seeing a male role as the caregiver for her. He's so unsure of what to do or how to care for her and yet he's completely devoted to her. I'm with you, n_p that there's a good potential for some tears if anything happens to either of them in this game.

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