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Azazel, the Multiclass option in 4e is still there, it just works differently. Rather than being able to take a level in a different class each level, you can select a multiclass feat; this does limit your options somewhat (i.e. if you multiclass into cleric, you can't take a second one as well without retraining and losing the cleric MC), but it also works out to be simpler. As for Prestige Classes, as I understand them anyway, they've been re-worked into Paragon Paths, which give your character a host of different options starting at level 11. Again, not quite as versitile, but much simpler.
I think the main intent in going to 4e was to reduce the sheer number of options 3.5 had. It was versitile, yes, but also very confusing for new players, and they wanted new blood.

Anyway, to each their own! Both systems have their merits.
Ensou: You've got it right. You're bound to get lots of questions in the ads--some people just skim over them before posting interest--so the more clear you are the easier it'll be for you.

As for posting expetations, I mean how you want player's posts to look, and how often they should post. It's not neccessary to lay it out, but it's helpful.
For example, I've adopted a common MW rule for my game that says players should post at least every other day; this keeps things moving a long at a decent pace without leaving players behind. If a player doesn't post in a full week without letting anyone know there will be a delay, they risk getting booted from the game. If you're clear about this from the start, you have something to fall back on with players who don't post much at all and hold up the game. Of course, your posting rate can be as slow at once a week without hurting anything, it's all preference.
You may also want to outline other things. Some common MW guidelines are:
-each player should post their speech in a different colour to distinguish from one another.
-spoken text is in bold, while internal thoughts are italic.
-Insert a stat block with each post during an encounter to the DM can easily track action points, hit points, powers used, etc.
-How much narative you expect there to be in player's posts; eg. in this game you want more explanation on what the attack looks like than just "My guy hits the bad guy with his sword and he falls."

Again, none of that is strictly necessary, but it does let your players know from the get go what you expect.

Thanks, tobias. What is the etiquette for an implicit time frame I am allowed to hold an ad on the forum? A few weeks only?

Any time you want, though if a few days (a week, more or less) pass without any new applicants, it's considered polite to move the application process to within the game forum itself and close the advertisement thread, to avoid clutter (since space on the game ads forum is limited).

Can you rephrase, Silver? Didn't really get what you mean by new applicants.

And what is the limit in the game ads forum?

I meant that if a week or more passes without anyone new being interested, as in new people starting to make applications, instead of "old" people, who already posted interested and are just finishing up details of their applications, you should move to the game forum itself.

And I don't really understand your second question...

Can you rephrase, Silver? Didn't really get what you mean by new applicants.

And what is the limit in the game ads forum?

As above; if your ad nets no new interest for a while, it's best to cut your losses and go with the players who are interested. That happened to me in my Stargate game for nWoD; I had six people eager to get in, and was looking for five players. But after the first couple of days, nobody new applied, or even looked at the thread. So I just decided to accept all six applicants, and it ended up working out pretty well. Generally, you'll garner a lot more interest for an ad in the first few days, I think; after that, people already know it's there (unless they visit the site only once every few days), and would have posted interest already if they wanted to play. The exception of course being people who don't want to post interest without having an application/character ready first, in which case they might respond later because they're working something up.

As for the limit in the game forum; I think what Silverkiss was referring to is that when you get a lot of game ads in a certain section of the forum, it gets cluttered. I'm not aware of any rules about actual limits, like only eight game ads allowed at once, but if there are a lot of ads, yours will get pushed to the bottom if people aren't replying to the thread. At that point, you get less traffic anyway, so if you have the players you need, it's best to just close the ad. I would recommend, though, saying in your ad that if you get enough interest, the ad will close early. Again, just so people are aware.
As an example, take a look at the game ads for 3.5. There's often more than a dozen, so it's easy for an ad to get lost in the mix.

Also, for reference, check out the MW rules for game ads and planning and game forum and GM responsibility if you haven't already. (I accidentally overlooked a rule when posting an ad once, and got a minor infraction almost immediately. They go away pretty quick, but better safe than sorry!)

That's true even if you have more than a few applicants, though. Even if you have, say, 40 applicants, and still hasn't decided (or people haven't finished their applications yet) after one week or so of no new people showing up for new interest, then moving to the forum is your best bet.

I solicited players for a game for which I wasn't the DM. Kindof. I was running a demo game in a forum called School of Darkness, which was set up by a long time nWoD player here. He was listed as the game's DM because he created the forum, but he was just overseeing the game and mentoring while I learned how to run one.
Anyway, I lost a player and decided to ask in the game planning forum, because i didn't think I could post an ad, not being the "actual" DM. The mods didn't like that. It was kindof a grey area, but it's not a big deal; they're right, I broke the rule for it, and learned my lesson!

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