Part 4: The Old Sycamore

Part 4: The Old Sycamore

The descent is fairly easy, Missoi gets tied a bit in the old roots, but manages to go safely down after a short time, even Dog tumbles / sorta bites down hard to get towards the tunnel below. Up above, the horses have been tied up securely to the tree's trunk, leadership was relayed to either Henry or Askari.

Vortek strikes the sunrod's tip against the ground lighting the cramped tunnel, the earth is moist, the air damp and cool. The tunnel runs east to west and you can head to in both directions though everyone down there - except Skapti and Dog have to stoop over as the ceiling height is rarely over five feet high, with much of the upper foot a tangle of roots and thin stalactites.

Stooping uncomfortably, Missoi says. "I've no real preference, but perhaps if we head east, back towards where the battle we saw was, we'll get some insight into what went on there."

That sounds like a good a suggestion as any. I'll lead the way. Vortek will head east holding the sunrod to light the way.

Missoi follows behind the paladin, his weapon ready,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 19)
keeping his eye out for any sign of mites. "Just by way of a reminder, I do speak their language, so should we encounter any, communication is an option. Although I must admit to being far from silver-tongued," he adds.

I have no qualms with talking to those we encounter here. My goal is to make this place safe for settlement. That would be easier if we made peace with those that live here when possible. I think trying to conquer all in the area is where others have gone wrong before.

Magnolia the Uncomfortably Tall

Magnolia is tall. Mites are small. Magnolia sat, for the longest time, on Henry watching the hole. It was pretty low on the list of things he wanted to do right now. He took a long look around the area, seeing nothing but horses and grass and sky. He was all alone, up top of the hole.

"A fine world I've got myself into. A few days ago I was happily drunk, cavorting with barbarians. Now I'm about to crawl into a hole with one."

Reluctantly, Magnolia followed the others into the hole.

Skapti grumbles as he shuffles along the tunnel, eventually gathering up enough presence of mind to scramble up on Dog's back and make him do all the walking. Skapti keeps close behind Missoi, too tired to keep the undead threat in the forefront of his mind. It doesn't take long for Skapti to doze off, allowing Dog to wander randomly.

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Zarina Ka'thar

Not wanting to fall, Zarina
Take 10 to descend
takes her time descending into the hole. Once inside the tunnel, she feels quite tall indeed, needing to stoop down in places, though not nearly as much as the rest of her companions. She keeps shooting pitying looks at Magnolia, by far the tallest of them all. And though Zarina would like to be up by Missoi's surprisingly capable frame and Vortek's comforting bulk, she has already had her fill of Dog's lingering odor in close quarters. She trails along towards the back by Itomo and Magnolia instead.

The oracle keeps an eye on Skapti, her patient as far as she was concerned, glad that the halfing was now conscious. Breathing in the dampness around them, Zarina also
Rolled a 23 in survival earlier, hoping to find some food along the way somehow.
keeps an eye out for the possibility of mushrooms or anything else edible, aware of how low their food stores are.

Although he mostly keeps his eyes trained in front of him, Missoi happens to see Zarina keeping her eye out for food. Pointing above his head at a reddish bulb, he calls back to her, "These roots are edible, so keep an eye out for them if you can."

Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 13)
Survival roll (for food)

You all proceed through the cramped tunnel heading East-ish as far as you know, you don't advance for long when you have to turn and descent through a narrow gap in the earth some of you wondering maybe why you're down here in this muddy damp and small place.

Skapti was mostly dozing off, but maybe dreaming or not his small ears catch the sound of someone gasping and small steps running off.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+1, 1d20+7, 1d20+1, 1d20+3, 1d20+9, 1d20+1, 1d20+8


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