Part 4: The Old Sycamore



With the horrible sounds of the Paladins last stand echoing through the dark cramped tunnel. Itomo wastes no time, pushing Zarina ahead of him he makes to put as much distance between them and the monstrosity that has crawled out of the depths of this foul den. His heart aches at the thought of his lost companion but his mind knows that now is not the time to dwell on it, stifling the ache beneath a determination to ensure that he and the rest of his companions make it out of this cave and away from the danger.

Missoi continues his retreat, forcing his mind from the notion of Vortek's horrible demise until a more accommodating time...

Continue moving northwards and off the map.

Magnolia the Unbeliever

Magnolia says to Grabbles, "Look out behind you!".

And he runs.

Run 120' off the map

Zarina Ka'thar

The sickening sounds of Vortek's last moments lent speed to Zarina's steps. Picking up the hem of her skirts, she allowed herself one final glance over her shoulder, a mute and painful farewell to the brave paladin. Tears trickled down her cheeks even as she ran for her life. She tamped down the guilt she felt at abandoning his remains. There would be time to mourn later and to contemplate their choices if they made it out alive.

ActionsDouble move or Run or whatever she has to do to get out of the tunnel.

Everyone runs, crawls and climbs as fast as they can before the giant centipede is done with Vortek, at least his brave standoff and ultimate sacrifice bought everyone enough time to get back to the entrance, Grabbles doesn't chase, at least not alone while his pet is busy. The mite's shout in undercommon echoes in the cramped tunnels as a mocking warning "If you ever came back here, we'll kill you!".

Everyone hustles to climb out and finds it surprisingly easy to do so, everyone except dog that is, who hounds and jumps from the bottom of the hole, biting at the vines with no progress, his whimpering catches Skapti's attention who climbs back down and tries to help him up, but dog is too big and Skapti too tired for him to lift the large mut off the ground - even so, how the halfling thought that lifting his mount 3 feet off the ground would help is anyone's guess.

In a hurry a rope is sent down to help tie mut and help him back outside, fortunately, the giant centipede was still busy in it's gruesome feast...


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