Part 4: The Old Sycamore

Zarina Ka'thar

Zarina's face was scrunched up in thought, hard at work trying to recall something. She was mumbling words softly to herself, "Was it fireflies?" or "Wait, no. Perhaps it was evening stars..." when she suddenly squeaked as Magnolia started peering between everyone's legs. Hopping onto one foot to avoid standing over the wizard, she grabbed the nearest thing - Itomo's arm, and leaned against him for support. She shot an apologetic look at the Restovian, aiming her eyes down at Magnolia in lieu of an explanation and smiled wanly.

The oracle then realized Missoi mentioned something about fighting. Trying to rise up on her tiptoes to see past everyone, she quickly realized why the horned wizard was on his hands and knees below them. And since she was already hanging onto Itomo's arm, she murmured a few words and
Cast Guidance on Itomo
imparted what she hoped would be a small advantage to him, leaving behind a slight tingle in his arm.

ActionsCast Guidance on Itomo.


Itomo pensively waits for more information from up front, he is about to try and wiggle through when he finds his arm being clutched by Zarina as she avoids Magnolia's antics. Crouched as he was by the low ceiling he finds his face is nearly at eye level with the petite oracle he meets her mysterious eyes for a long moment before they both turn away. She utters a few words he can't make out and then he feels a warmth spread from his arm through the rest of his body and with this warmth his concern is replaced with confidence.

He stretches his long arm out around her shoulder and gives a bit of a side-hug pulling her close enjoying how even the stench of this horrid cave is softened by her aroma. "Keep alert, if I remember correctly their was a split in the tunnel behind us, let's not get ambushed from behind." Following his own instructions he keeps an ear cocked for any sound from behind, while he waits for space to open up in front.

Unable to find any characters in game 9974

Zarina Ka'thar

Reassured by Itomo's hug, Zarina gave his arm a fond squeeze in return, nodding in acquiescence at his suggestion before releasing him to do as he suggested. "I shall check behind us just in case," she promised. Of course that required her to hop over Magnolia again, and she did so with as much grace as she could muster in the cramped space of the tunnel, no doubt veiling the wizard's eyes for a short period as she passed over him.

Peering into the gloom behind them, the healer squinted into the darkness, hoping that her eyesight was enough to discern any movement. She even tried to tune out the sounds from up front, even closing her eyes for a few moments as she listened intently for any signs of danger from the rear.

ActionsPerception to see/hear if anything is coming up behind them.
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 16)
Perception (16)

Round 1 Status

  • Mites
  • Mite 5 | Shaken
  • -----
  • Itomo - 8/8hp | Guidance
  • Missoi - 9/10hp | Mutated (2/10m) |
  • Zarina - 9/9hp |
  • Skapti and Dog - 13/15hp | Fatigued ///\\\ 14/18hp | -6 Dex |
  • Magnolia - 8/8hp |
    1 level 1 spell
  • Vortek - 7/12hp | Shaken |

Only single file through Vortek's current space, ceiling is still low giving -2 to attack rolls.

Round 1

  • The shaken mite
    Dice Roll: 1d20-2 1d3-1
    d20 Results: 20 (Total = 18)
    d3 Results: 3 (Total = 2)
    attacks with unbridled
    Dice Roll: 1d20-2 1d3-1
    d20 Results: 18 (Total = 16)
    d3 Results: 3 (Total = 2)
    might, then wearily steps back.
  • Another mite and one that quickly moves in dagger in hand
    Dice Roll: 1d20 1d20 1d3-1 1d3-1
    d20 Results: 12
    d20 Results: 16
    d3 Results: 1 (Total = 0)
    d3 Results: 1 (Total = 0)
    attack wounded Vortek clanging their small weapons into the man's armor.
  • The rest of the mites scramble, cheer and ready rotten eggs, vegetables and darts.

Magnolia the Scary Horned God

Magnolia turns and says to those behind him, "Well, that didn't work out very well. I think I encouraged him." He turns back to the front and says, "Sorry Vortek, my bad!"

"Let's try this in Abyssal."

Looking back through legs, he tries again, Abyssal: "Hey you little bugger! Run away!"

The mite looks back with a vaguely curious expression, and a complete and utter lack of shakenness.

Magnolia asks in exasperation, "Are we dealing with complete and utter savages here? Do you little nippers not understand anything I'm saying? The lack of education here is going to doom your society, you know!"

Sotto Voce Wizard 0
School: Necromancy [Fear, Mind-Affecting, Sonic]
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Close
Duration: 1+ Rounds
Save: DC 14 Will Negates
Resistance: Yes
Your dry, rasping whisper fills a living creature of 4 or fewer Hit Dice
with unnatural dread. The affected creature must make a Will save or be
shaken for 1 round.
Sotto Voce on D22
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 15)
Will Save DC14 vs (15) Saved

"I believe the little sh*ts only speak Undercommon. Watch." The frustrated half-elf turns and bellows over Vortek's shoulder, in Undercommon: "We had no intention of hurting you, but now that you've attacked, we're going to rend you limb from limb." He enjoys their surprise at hearing their own language.

Waiting to see if Vortek is able to move out; if not, I may try an Intimidate roll or combat maneuver.

The mites are surprised, some at the back scramble for safety while most of them angered fling smelly items at the intruders.

Magnolia the Scary Horned God

Magnolia asks, "Undercommon? Huh, oh course, the little savages probably spend their time fighting other underground critters. They're probably commonly used as slaves and must know the language of their masters."

Magnolia now endeavors to help the less fortunate of the world understand the beautiful language of "Common". He holds up a finger and says, "One!" It's the slow start to a long educational process.

1 - Skapti & Dog

Skapti, tired of sitting on Dog while everyone else (Vortek) gets to have all the fun, growls in frustration for a moment before kicking Dog hard in the flank and yelling, "Get outta my way!" The pair brush past Missoi, and crowd in next to Vortek. Dog, at first tries to step nimbly past a mite, the pair braving the stings from the other two who crowd the entrance, failing that Dog tries to step over the small fey.

Of course! (who ever could have thought that anything else could have happened! HA!) The small creature is terrified of Dog's bulk, and he high-steps over the cowering thing like a boss. Skapti swings an empty hand at the cowering mite before realizing that he hasn't drawn his sword yet. He does so, only to realize that he is completely surrounded, and totally bereft of the energy for a killing rage. "Heh." Skapti grins weakly.

Unable to find any characters in game 9974

Skapti & Dog(less 3 hp): E20
Mites 2, 5, 7: Used their AoOs

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