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New type of zombie game

New type of zombie game

Im thinking of running a game where you take players put them in a city fill it with zombies and the main idea is to scavenge as much supplies as they can while trying to survive then get out of the city and sort of build there own Paradise out in the country side or on a mountain the classic zombie game theme with a few twist like a whole bunch of different zombie types with of course the typical weak zombies that they meet alot through the game all the way up to a new type of zombie that is the brains of the whole operation so im trying to think of ways to do this its mostly going to be about role playing with some dice rolling to find supplies and different stuff like that and im thinking of making it to where instead of a character sheet you just have a blank sheet for what you have on you and just trying to come up with intresting ideas to use the stuff that you have with you like if you have a shotgun and you want to get through a door fast but its too tough to break through you just blow the lock off of the door so I would really love to hear your opinion.

A little bit of Walking Dead and a little bit of Left 4 Dead.
(It sounds very interesting)

Thats what I thought when I made it i'm thinking about running 2 different games one on here and one with my RL group.

There's nothing exactly new about this. But ok. If you want a twist, you'd have to make them something other than zombies.

Let's see... we've seen alien zombies, magic zombies, virus zombies, parasitic worm zombies, chemical weapon zombies.

Has anyone done plant zombies yet?

Here's one for you- plant brain drug zombies. They're not *really* zombies. But a fascinating new form of plant (from SPACE!!!) has started growing on earth. And it produces an airborn pollen drug that, essentially, impacts the dopamine and adrenaline receptors of the brain. Doing to the human brain a chemical coctail not entirely unlike PCP.

Except for certain people. Who are immune. Because they're allergic to pollen.

Well there is alot more types of zombies I have been making them for a little while now I know there is nothing new about the story line but the zombies you meet will be different some not so much like the basic zombies.

Pretty sure the "new zombies" thing has been done as well. Up to and including werewolf zombies.

Well I played in one game where the GM had the virus evolve. So at the start they where just slow lumbering zombies and would become zombies that could run at you full speed. So you could just have the virus evolve to were they are always a challenge to the players and also give some variety of zombies they would meet.

As was said,this has been done. It's astandard split up party kill n loot. To make it different you'r going to have to work extra hard because as has been said, zombies have been done to death (har).

The problem with zombie adventures is that they are just kill n loots which leaves very little room for rp or plot. Players become auto suspicious of anyone that doesnt have a pc hat on and possibly even the other pc's. Not much room for anything new there. If you want it to be different then you need to shift the focus off the zombie thing and make that just something that happens to be going on also with the major focus being something else (for example the fallout games do this well).

Maybe mix zombie theme up with a movable type Paranoia type theme? Something mobile affects any populace it nears, affecting peoples' minds and motives. Instead of becoming complete zombies, those who fall under the thing's influence become obsessed with a goal (kill all lifeforms, destroy all energy sources/food/etc, kill all children). Once devastation has been drawn, the influential object/lifeform/etc moves to another region. Either no one as yet knows what this thing is or what its ultimate purpose is. Or maybe that is known but no one has yet to eradicate it.

This means players will be able to question former 'zombies' etc and also temporarily become one, and you can still begin with the survival motive scenario.

Another option might be to remove the PCs wholly from where they live and abduct them into a new society on an alien planet of some kind where all the former abductees have turned into mind washed 'zombies' - who instinctually kill anyone who behaves 'abnormally'. Aside from escaping with their lives, the plot bonus is that the PCs likely won't be the only beings playing at subterfuge...

If you don't like those, just try mixing the zombie theme with another and experimenting with ideas which integrate the two themes. I'm sure you can come up with several game ideas that maintain your original idea but have plenty of juicy twists.

Yeah the idea of the movable `zombie mind' thing seems good.

If you wanted to do that and keep zombies closer to their roots, then take the concepts of the Loa, a spirit capable of possessing followers. But, they've worked out how to possess groups of random people, and thats the problem.


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