Open call for ALL DnD 3.5 DMs for the Crossroads Inn!!!

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If you ever open the system up to earlier editions of D&D, I might be interested in DMing. 2nd edition is preferred.

That is not possible under the current MW paradigm and the game's structure.

The game relies on HEAVY and STRICT mechanical limitations (though offers total creative freedom). As such, integrating a different system is not at all possible.

A new CRI would have to be developed, and truthfully, no other system has the population to properly support this kind of project.

Group D, our first group of open applicants, is now being inducted, we are publicly recruiting to a limited capacity.

Group E was inducted.

Currently running 5 games, project design includes major character expansions now and we're willing to call the project design a tested major success.

We still need more DMs though (target is 60), so please sign up

I am working on my application but it may take a while, as I already have a game in mind and am in the process of building the world around it. I am going to run it IRL and then tweak to make sure everything is just right for my first game here at the CRI.
I intend to use a single world and have my campaigns run in it at different times in the world's timeline and other things of the like. I can also explain more if necessary for clearance.

Does this sound feasible, and would it work for this project?

You can use a single world as per your preference, but the key to making it all work is that you run 1 shots (single short adventure provides at least 1 level not more than 2). Personally I choose to take the route of having fun with the idea that I don't have to have a persistent environment. I already have one well developed world that I run (it's in my sig as well) but this place gives me the unique opportunity to create worlds that wouldn't fit properly into my own...

For example my first adventure I'm writing up takes low level players to a psychic fortress in the astral plane. I never get to do stuff like that in my low fantasy world (well at least not until they are epic level equivalent).

There are several DMs going your route though, so that's more than fine.

Also, thanks for the doctor who reference, I didn't make that connection before, but it makes sense.

We're drafting more DMs.

Please post interest.


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