The Valley of the Dying Things

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The Valley of the Dying Things

The Valley of the Dying Things - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
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The Valley of The Dying Things

Skylark Valley is in dire need of hope and restoration. After being bountiful and prosperous for many seasons, pestilence and rot have come unto the valley. The water burns, people wither away, and desperation gnaws on hope. Bandits and goblins come from the mountains to prey upon refugees, and the dead rise to feed on the living.

By Empire Order, the entrances to Skylark Valley have been sealed, the populace quarantined until the cause of this curse has been found. Shortly before that decree, they sent an 'well-equipped team of contracted investigators', to document the extent and specific source of Skylark Valley's plague, and if possible, to restore the valley to life.

The Scenario
The original The Valley of the Dying Things is scripted and owned by Jeff Vogel, who uses it in his Avernum and Exile series of games. I mean no disrespect to the man or his works. There is significant revision and story alteration, and i use the source material for inspiration.

The Setting
This game will take place entirely within Skylark Valley. Most will feel it is similar to a 'Points of Light' setting. For those interested in the world beyond the valley's high cliff walls, I invite you to create and design. For those looking for more information, please visit the World Book.

The DM
After a long hiatus, I, Glyphic, am returning to the world of play by post. Cervantes said it well, "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within."
I'm returning with several goals in mind.
  • I would very much like to see this game through to completion, hopefully within 2 years time.
  • I hope to encourage camaraderie and friendship among the players and myself.
  • I see this as my stepping stone back into the world of gaming, as well as PBP. Even should I fail the two goals above, I want to pick myself up and play again.

Character Creation

Characters will be Level 8, standard 22-point-buy, with a level 7, level 8 and level 9 magic item plus 3400 gold.
Every source is available, but I may ask for clarification of unfamiliar content. I will be acquiring a DDI subscription in the month of December. Please do not use powers or feats from the 'PH Heroes' books.
Instead of a background, all players may add a skill of their choice to their class list.

Joeluma, has been coaching me and providing non-plot related advice. He will be automatically chosen as a player.

Your application should include the following..
  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Race:
  • Class:
  • How your character appears, dresses, walks funny, etc.
  • A general personality, or how your character acts, or believes.
  • A plausible reason to descend into Skylark Valley.
  • While not required, a few paragraphs of backstory is a bonus.
  • I feel really silly for not including this, but a tentative statblock is good to include in an application. Changes can be made after the party is chosen.

This thread, as well as here, will serve as work space and a place to answer questions. If you have something to ask privately, please use private text.

Finished applications will go here.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see your applications soon!

Game Description:

Run by Glyphic, A (borrowed) homebrew setting. To check out the 'proper' Exile games, Head over to Highest esteem to Jeff Vogel.

A plague has come over Skylark Vale. The once fertile region, known for it's rich iron deposits and abundant farmland, has withered. The crops are twisted and scraggly, and even the iron brittles. The valley's water burns. Bandits, crooks, and thieves prey upon those fleeing the valley. Those who remain face a grim future of pestilence and poverty.

The concerned citizens of Skylark Valley and Commander Terrance has made special provision to summon you, concerned citizens or recruits from afar, to find the source of this plague, and if possible, end it, before the whole valley turns to dust.

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Posting interest. I, too, would like to see a game to completion and your setup sounds intriguing. Application to follow this weekend. One question: since you have one player already, are the 4 you're looking for in addition to, or will it just be 3 slots?

I am posting interest as well. I like playing with Joe, does he know what role he wants to play yet?

Mmm.. seems interesting. How much consideration you put on the game experience? I've been in MW for almost two years (I think) but I've never played D&D 4e, although I've played a lot of 3.5 (Real life and play by post)

Any good creation guides you could rocommend for a system newbie?

@Phiktional: Joeluma is playing a cleric (leader), of unknown build. I imagine he'll have one done before too long.

@Maika: I'm happy to help you out, and I'm sure the rest of the players will be good sports. What do you know about 4E Dnd? Do you know anything, the basics? What is a good starting point of knowledge to build on?

I know the basics od the D&D system, I've played 3.5 a lot ... just what is unique to 4e is unknown to me (I don't enevn know which changes are those, I just know that some things changes from 3.5 to 4th ed)

@ Maika - You might find this short article helpful. It's just a rundown of the ways the two are different. I found the switch disorienting at first, but it turns out that 4e is pretty easy and intuitive to understand. In many ways, it's more elegant; and with all the splatbooks available now, you have a good chance of customizing your character to your liking (which is one of the things I still love about 3.5e).

@Glyphic - Avernum! Exile! What great games! It's been long enough since I played that I don't think I'd be spoilerish.

And starting at 8th level, too! *Pulls out some Phil Foglio artwork for character inspiration*

Even if I don't end up applying (although I am considering it), I'll be following this game with interest. It'll be fascinating to see what you did with
To be honest, I only finished the first one. I've played each of Avernum 1-3, though. I kept having so much fun creating parties and going off in different directions that I never got around to the endgame. Heh. The exploration was the reward for me, I guess.
the setting. Will Dragonborn be refluffed as Slithzerikai? Will you use the newly-released (Dragon 404, I think) Hengeyokai as Nephilim? Or are you just pulling the basic story/atmospheric elements from the game(s)? (I scanned through the World Book thread and didn't see that you were doing anything specific with races, but I figured it can't hurt to ask.)

Thank you for the source, there, Polkabear. I was looking for something similar, but just couldn't find it. I think I'll be book marking that page. And I'd love to see an application from you.

As far as importing races from exile, I've decided to follow the path of least resistance, and reprogram the material presented, rather than program the player to think Dragonborn= Slithzeriaki. I do find it amusing that they have pretty similar histories, at the most basic of view points. However, the importance of those two races aren't crucial to VotDT, so I'm not placing any emphasis on it.

Posting interest. I'd love to play a higher level character, moving into Paragon. Do you specifically want one of each role (and one double for five players), or are you less concerned with that? I ask because I'm thinking Leader as well--never played one before!
I'm thinking Runepriest--though I have an idea for a controllery kobold monk I want to try too...


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