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SM and expected ST

SM and expected ST

Hey, me again. Just wondering, does anyone know of a table or something somewhere which says which ST you need according to the square cube law to have a certain SM above +0 and not die under your own weight?
I'd greatly appreciate such info. I'm trying a idea which is SM +2, and I'm not sure if 15 ST is enough.

In 4th edition they eliminated the minimum strength as part of the general rules. Aliens recomends that ST be tied to height for those outside the human norm as the linear is the cube root of weight and and strength now follows a quadratic progression of force produced. (basic lift= st^2/5) I believe that bio-tech has some additional rules about miniature or oversized humanoids as well that may include a standardized strength moddifier, I would have to wait until I was near my books to check on that.

According to GURPS Bio-Tech, p. 64, an SM+2 human should have ST +10, weigh 8 times as much, and eat meals eight times normal size 1.5 times per day (a big meal and a smaller snack?). Also, they really ought to have a native gravity of 0.5 gees, or have Extra Legs, Quadruped, No Legs (any version), or Vermiform -- but that's probably showing the book's technological bias, and it's not clear for what sort of campaign setting you're building a character.

Keep in mind that a SM +2 character is 10-12 feet tall, and if you are playing a shaddowrun derivitive game some of those hard science rules may be hand waved with magic as an explanation (lower body density, natural partial levitation for body support, or magically enhanced strength). Also the +10 St is based on the linear adjustment mentioned from space- it is not the same thing as the minimum strnegth, as made evident by the .5 G recomended gravity. The fact is that a humanoid of that stature in hard science would be terminal- even at 7'4" a friend of mine faces a severely shortened lifespan due to teh cardiac stress of simply being that large. presumedly if you would need .5 G at ST:20 then at 1 G for the same weight you would need ST:28. Of course in shadowrun trolls (the largest race at SM+1) *do* have shorter life spans...

Depends on the form- longer legs tend to increase basic speed, which might also allow greater height (and SM) without as much increased weight. Elephants may not be faster than a horse, but a horse will outrun a rabbit.

OK, that's info I can use! if you want a weapon that is sized for you, you do need higher ST. At least in Dungeon Fantasy, where a weapon for a Barbarian is bigger and heavier, anyway.
Still, a revolver designed to fit a hand that's on a giant... Right, I remember another page to check. Fantasy, on it's blurb on giants.
Still, thanks again!
(and the eating info helps me understand the race outside of GURPS a bit better. That's like three and a half cows a day... Yum.)

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