4 Lordless Realms

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4 Lordless Realms

The 7 Realms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 28 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 4

__________________________________________________________Serious Business__________________________________________________________

I am looking for up to 4 players to fill positions in a possibly unique game. Each player starts as a lord ruling over a small realm wherein they have complete control... Up to a point.
The point being how prepared you are to maintain and exercise that control. With brigands, goblins, undead, rampaging beasts, other lords and even those ridiculous elves getting in the way.

A lot of the campaign is still in production and will probably continue being like that all the way through to the end what with it being homebrewed to a large degree.

The game takes place across turns, which decide how many actions you will be able to carry out, though due to the nature of the game being more RP based you will only notice turns by way of the vents happening in game, rather than a Total War game turn system.

What I expect from players;
Frequent posting.
Attention to important detail.
Lack of really stupid choices.

What can be expected from me;
Frequent posting and updates.
A large amount of flexibility when it comes to less immutable facets of the game.
A random approach to everything.
And so much more.

I have probably messed up a large amount of this ad, because I have never made one before so any questions or criticisms are welcome if not appreciated.

Game Description:

Welcome, lords all to the land of your birthright, the 7 Realms of the west. Know ye that you have come into your own at a most auspicious time, the king doth grow weary of the ineptitude of the lords of his realm and now drives them to survive on their own merit rather than imperial favour. This has caused many of the less astute lords to harbour certain resentments towards the king, forced to defend their realms and provide the king with their services rather than fritter away their time with idle pleasantries but with the might of his army still loyal the king reigns supreme and will brook no dissent.

To take command of a realm now is to walk a fine edge between death and glory as each lord vies to either prove himself worthy above all others or discredit those around him, some few seek to work together in common interest to better their lands and themselves, yet others seek to tear down and take from their neighbors what little they have to ensure their own survival against yet more powerful foes.

Will you be a saviour or a sinner? A lord of justice or tyranny? Only time will tell.

The difference between an Ultimate Weapon and a Self Destruct Device can be very slim.

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Forgot to add something; all classes must be Tier 3 classes to avoid wizards or clerics One-Shotting the place, it would just be too boring that way. Thats not a new rule, its been around since the start.

NM I forget what Tier Archivist is, Chaotic you are gonna have to find out where that shadow or assassin class fits in.

Walter the treasury is for spending on your realm, which inlcudes you capital, something I am still working on. Ideally you would use it to construct forts, improve settlements, build collages and temples to raise clerics and wizards and expand your army. Classes have to be Tier 3 as I have said.

Mirtai they are Tier 1 classes, so I'm afraid not. I don't want any players reaching a certain level then one shotting the entire world.

What about...

Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Ranger 4/Orc Warlord 1

Feats: Might Makes Right, Extra Followers, Improved Cohort, Leadership (Bonus)

Would something like this be viable?

Looks alright to me, what is the might makes right feat?

Originally Posted by Lucky number 13 View Post
Looks alright to me, what is the might makes right feat?
Add your Strength bonus to your leadership score for the purposes of determining how many followers you may have with the Leadership feat.

I thought so, does it add your strength mod or does it replace the charisma mod with the strength mod?

It adds it.

If it's too strong, we could make it replace it. No problem with me.

What about stats? Do we roll 'em or we use a point-buy system?

Just checking. You seem to want to build the biggest army of followers =P

What classes do you currently have? And is there a definitive list of tiers? I didn't realize that was a thing.


Tier list

And I think the current classes are up in the air at the moment but I do know I have a variant ranger at least.

Oh, it's just a list of examples, though? And it seems pretty nebulous. How do we decide if our class isn't on that list?


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