Welcome to the Isinia Region

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Welcome to the Isinia Region

Isinia Region - Forum
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This will be my first attempt at running a PTA game, so please bear with me.

So, what I'm looking for is good writing, a well balanced mature group, and a good experience.

I have the following restrictions on the application formats:
1) Please don't use code tags in your applications. I'll be on the Weave more often from my smartphone than my laptop, and I can't scroll through the code tags on it.
2) Keep the formatting neat. It makes it easier on me if I can see what I'm looking for at a glance.
3) Keep your comments on each other's applications in the General OOC thread. Please don't post in someone else's application thread. It is rude and unnecessary.

So, a couple of the things in the applications themselves:
1) Give me good backgrounds and fleshed out descriptions and personalities.
2) Give me a short list of pokemon you want to catch.
3) Give me a general idea of how you intend to advance your character. Do you intend Ace Trainer/Steel Ace/Attack Ace? Then tell me so.
4) Please only submit one application. It seems to me to be an unfair advantage, trying to increase your odds by making multiple applications. I prefer one, well thought character app.

Now, to the character creation information:
Create characters at level 3. You are all from Steppe Village, and are teenagers, 14-18 years old. Ability scores are bought with 64 points, no higher than 14 at level 0, as normal. No Advanced classes at the start of the game. No exceptions. You start with one level 10 pokemon. No legendary pokemon, only dragons allowed at beginning will be Gible, Axew and Trapinch. Only Ghost pokemon allowed at start will be Gastly and Litwick. Only Dark type allowed at start will be Purrloin. I will allow one egg move to be known by your starter. No Single-stage evolutions.
Inventory (all given by Professor Yew): Pokegear (complete with Isinia Region map, Pokedex, Backpack, 5 Pokeballs, Basic Survival Gear, 3 Potions, 2 each Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Awakening. 3000 pokeyen. Any item given/required by your class, like the Pokeball Repair Toolbox for the Capture Specialist, is a freebie.

Game Description:

Welcome to the Isinia Region, where more pokemon have been discovered. Today, five lucky teenagers will be gifted with one of these new pokemon. Along with the pokemon they grew up with, they will take their new pokemon on a journey through the region. Where will they end up? Will they defeat the Elite Four to become Champion? Will they become champion Coordinators? Only time will tell.

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I am always interested in a P:TA Game. I am away from my Home computer at the moment so I will get an app up around Late Tuesday.

Wha...Buh...Okay, I'm going to have to think about whether I can afford the time to apply. I REALLY want to though. To brainstorming I go!

I am applying later tonight! Sorry for being off for so long.. its been crazy here.. lost some of my files so i have been recovering stuff. But i am stoked for a new game!

I have an interest, but I know nothing of the system. I am getting the books/char sheets/pokemon sheets/everything and I will take a look tonight/tomorrow and hopefully know enough to make a character

Don't worry, DementedWolf. The system is very easy to understand. Plus, you have all of us to help you out if need be.

On a more personal note: Curses. Brainstorming is difficult. What do I wish to play? More pondering must be done!

Im playing a researcher/capture specialist.. most likely going into Petrologist..unless that changes through the game... kind of a change for me

I think I might, for once, try my hand at an Ace Trainer. Maybe go into Type and Stat Ace. Rather cliche, but hey, why not? I've played a Breeder and a Psychic once. Never tried a Ace Trainer though, so why not? Still on the fence though.


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