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3.5 Spell list program - beta (WIP)

3.5 Spell list program - beta

I'm currently working and close to finishing the basic functionality, of a java .exe spell database for all the open sorce 3.5 D&D spells.

What I'm here to ask really is, what functionality would people like to see, when I fine tune the program in the next few hours, some beta testers and finaly, hoping to pool some people to help me add spells to the database, 107 pages of spells is a little daunting my myself =D

Sorry I've been away. Life's a calling and all that. Got all the functionality I wanted to work going. Just got to add a small bit of code this evening, but this isn't my laptop, so no dice yet.

For the spell's, all the pHb stuff has been started on atleast. All the spell names are in. Working on clean up and double checkeing.

So far, the functionality goes as follows.

Search by name, level, school and class
Result page showing all spell information
Add spell and edit spell page
Save and load database functionality

To do:
Rework result page.
Allow for grouping by school and level in search.
Spellbook to add spell to and sort by level

As always, sugestions and the like are welcomed. Going to update the upload tonight

While I've got too much on my plate to assist in this at this time, I whole heatedly support this project! Cause it's about time someone made it so I can look up spells by class and spell level instead of having to poor through a birgillion splat books every time My Sorcerer gains a new level or my Druid is beginning a new day!

Originally Posted by Sephirothsword117 View Post
a birgillion splat books
Only open-source material can legally be included in this compilation...

I'm only going to be adding the open source material.

I know not being able to add splat book material limit's the helpfulness of this project. But that's one of the reasons for being able to add spells. So people can add whatever they have at hand. I plan on adding splatbook material to my own database, but I dont think I can upload that to distribute.

Edit: I'm hoping that this peojct will still be of use, even with just open source material. I guess if a DM works with their player's, they can add alot of the spell's from the aviliable books for the game. Most DM's stick with a known series of books. So it's possible that they could just make their own databases and use or pass it along to thir gamer's.

I downloaded the basic program intending to use it to keep track of my players spell lists and the exact description of their spells. It works really well for the most part, it saved the spells I added, and saved the database of spells I saved, however when I tried to load a database, I couldn't. I'm not extremely computer savvy but I did everything I could think to do, but nothing would let me view the database I saved.

This seems extremely useful to me, I would love to help anyway I can, although as I said I'm not computer savvy so I don't know how much help I'll be in the end, but I can definitely help add the spells and such. Although I'm pretty new to everything so I don't know, for sure, exactly what constitutes "open source" material, but I'm guessing that refers to the core spells?

It should def. be able to compile and show lists of spells/powers with the ability to order then by level or group them my school. That would be some simple, basic functionality I would expect.

This sounds very cool, sign me up for beta testing!

Originally Posted by Rock_DS View Post
I'm only going to be adding the open source material.

I know not being able to add splat book material limit's the helpfulness of this project.
From what I've seen, the program looks nice and useful.

As for adding non-SRD spells... The spells from Spell Compendium might be added - without detailed information, including only name, school and level(s) - like displayed on the Spell Index on the wizards site. Including the SpCom spells, even in limited form, would vastly increase the program's usefulness.
(And the list might be handy for adding that basic information).

Another handy fuctionality might be the option to search by source book, and the option to not include certain source books in a search. This way you can search for spells without having to weed out those that come from books your DM might have banned from use.

@ Whisper

That's actually a really good idea. Will really help the program still be more relivent and stay legal =D

I was thinking of adding a way to set which book's you could search though. It put it on hold, considering I was only going to add PhB stuff. But given Whisper's surgestion, I could do that. But it will be on the back burner. Will be keeping it on the list though.

Also- give the player a side menu (or multiple menus) that'll let them list certain spells. Basically a way to insta-track spellbooks. Sorted, presumably, by level.


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